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BMW launched X3, X5 Petrol Variant in India at Rs 54.90 Lakh & 73.50 Lakh

BMW launched its two new variant BMW X3 and BMW X5 in India that will be available in India with a Ex-showroom price at Rs 54.90 Lakh (X3 xDrive28i) and 73.50 Lakh for X5 xDrive35i.


There some different between both variant, the X3 comes with a 2.0-litre engine while X5 uses a 3.0-litre petrol unit. Also some similar features like All Wheel Drive as standard.


In terms of specifications, BMW X3 xDrive28i powered by 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 242bhp maximum power and 350Nm of torque. Besides, in other hands BMW X5 xDrive35i comes boosted with 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine that produces 302bhp maximum power and maximum torque of 400Nm in power range up to 1200-5000rpm.


Both variant supports 8-speed Steptronic transmission while the SUVs can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in just 6.5 seconds. Both variant ready to compete many luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz GLC and Jaguar F-Pace.


Currently car available in Delhi Showroom Chek Prices of all Ca

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Stay Connected to Your Vehicle with DaddysRoad

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->DaddysRoad is a wonderful mobile app, allowing you to know what's happening to you vehicle when parked somewhere.

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Soi cau lo kep dep XSMB thu 4 ngay 07-12

posted by hayquadi2016 on Dec 07, 2016
tags: xsmb sxmb xstd so xo mien bac

Soi cầu Lô so xo mien bac, soi cầu Lô Kép xổ số miền Bắc hôm nay thứ 4 ngày 07-12-2016. Dự đoán KQXS miền Bắc nhanh Miễn Phí Chính Xác. Phân tích thống kê chi tiết từ chuyên gia - Đã Soi là Trúng hàng ngày miễn phí!

Dựa vào bảng thống kê kết quả xổ số miền Bắc trong ngày , chúng tôi xin đưa ra một số bộ số được coi là có khả năng xuất hiện trong bảng kết quả ngày hôm nay:

Xổ số kiến thiết ích nước lợi nhà, chúc các bạn may mắn!

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Sex Toys

Online adult sex toys store offers variety of products that can enhance couples love life like the one in Canada. They can buy sex toys, seductive things, lingerie etc. These pleasure seeking products tempt them to spend some quality time with their mates in an increasing romantic way. There are many types of adult toys available. These are being sold in every market also in adult toy industry because of heavy demand from the customers. Adult toys are available in many shapes and sizes and so there is no problem for any customer to choose from. They earn good amount of profit by selling such products on customer demands. 

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developed superficial knowledge

posted by qizhen0809 on Dec 06, 2016

"Every African chrysanthemum pear that the month has more than 1000 cabinet offers the closest Guinea Chinese market, 5 old forests still developed composite wood pavilion Korea superficial knowledge only, producing area supply of goods is quite sufficient. " -- controller of day rich trade once was told about so.

However time passes and the situation has changed, came in September 2014 according to Chinese custom the statistic of entrance hedgehog rosewood August 2015,inexpensive deck railing composite the portion that comes from Guinea is 0. The basis is long-term and active introduce in the wooden business of West Africa, show presidential alpha from Guinea oneself so · aperture is worn (Alpha Cond é ) after appearing on the stage,

the pressure that institute of state of west of its policy apt brings to bear on, expand economy of environmental problem park over, in face lumber to export place to exchange income to cannot accomplish the actual state that reinstates with Yu Senlin t

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Yahoo Mail Learn About Quick Ways to Update Your Mail Account

Using a Yahoo Mail Account? Always be careful what you share using your Yahoo Mail because millions of Yahoo mail accounts have been hacked back in 2014, and the counting still going on. We all know that how easy it is to use a Yahoo Mail. The other main important thing is email updates, especially they help you use you Yahoo Mail in a secured & perfect manner. Let’s See How to Update Your Yahoo Mail Account
  • First you should open the new tab in Yahoo Mail
  • Secondly, click on the what are you doing right now field
  • Click on update Yahoo Mail
  • Done
According to the latest updates to Yahoo Mail, all the Android smartphone users are allowed to sync their personal contacts with their Yahoo contacts. This could probably allow you to enjoy a free conversation with all your friends. It's really easy to understand about the email services with the professionals help, any third party service can offer you that level of information as you need. Yahoo Support Australia is one of the pr continue reading
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JQuery Training in Noida

Croma campus provides JQuery is a lightweight multi-program JavaScript library intended to "compose less, accomplish more". The motivation behind jQuery instructional class is to make it much simpler to utilize JavaScript in web applications. Croma campus is best it company is noida and best JQuery Training in Noida with job placement support croma campus is given under stadies student best offer. Takes a great deal of regular assignments that require many lines of JavaScript code to achieve, and wraps them into techniques that you can call with a solitary line of code. JQuery instructional exercise likewise streamlines a ton of the entangled things from JavaScript, similar to AJAX calls and DOM control and so forth.

Phone number: - +91-120-4155255, +91-971152694

Address: - E - 20, Sector-03, Noida -201301 (India) (Near Sector 16 Metro Station)

Email: -


Website: -

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Ophthalmology – including cataract surgery and other procedures to correct vision problems

posted by SovereignHS on Dec 07, 2016
tags: health healthcare Surgicare

It's important to see your doctor if you have any of these possible warning signs;

Pain in your eye, A gritty feeling, Blurry vision, More tears than usual, Redness of the eye and Sensitivity to light.

The Sovereign Health System is the guardian of brilliance in ophthalmology and ambitions to set standards in all phases of the delivery of ophthalmology care.

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game does offer better fifa 17 points ps4

posted by jiownsvnonoijo on Dec 06, 2016
tags: nghjm

fifa 17 comfort trade Witcher 3: The Wild HuntWhen CD Projekt RED announced Witcher 3 they bragged and bragged and bragged about it. About how the world is "bigger than Skyrim and 30 times bigger than the Witcher 2" or how gameplay can lead to 36 different world states with one of three endings. A good flat spin will guarantee a good nitro boost. You can also pass by under drivers in a over zealous

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venta de barato fifa 17 monedas entradas permanecer¨˘

posted by jiownsvnonoijo on Dec 06, 2016

fifa monedas Estadio Azteca es un estadio en la Ciudad de México México. Escoja una línea tonta de una película de la mayoría de los jugadores disfrutar incluso si no está relacionado con los deportes. Los 2 líderes que hicieron mucho para ofrecer la EPS en la Q3 están aquí conmigo hoy. El incidente ocurrió hace un año cuando los policías se presentaron y arrestó hija Latoya Harris que tenía nueve años de edad en el momento..

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