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Back Pain

Treatment of Sciatica Pain Newburyport, MA

OrthoWell Physical Therapy in Beverly and Newburyport, MA we specialize in theTreatment of Low Back Pain and Sciatica. Our first step is a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation to determine the true source of your pain.  Your treatment would include manual therapy techniques such as Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, cupping therapy, laser therapy, manual traction and evidence based exercises. Treatment of Lower Back and Sciatica Pain

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Medical fitness Klang leads to increased load

Medical fitness differs from regular fitness by the specific approach and the target group where it is intended for. If you have a mild disability or a chronic condition, you can often just be doing medical fitness.

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Does Lower Back Pain Distress You Too?

posted by whytechiro on Jan 30, 2017
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Lower back pain is one of the most frequent reasons for people missing work. A chiropractor can easily determine the primary cause of the pain. 

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After deciding the cause they are able to make spinal adjustments to alleviate pain and discomfort.

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All You Need to Know About Back Pain

posted by healthcare on Jan 18, 2017
tags: Health Healthcare Back Pain

You may want to try alternative treatments to relieve upper back pain. Learn about back pain problmes

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Back Pain Treatment & Causes

posted by healthcare on Jan 10, 2017
tags: Health Healthcare Back Pain back

Health First Magazine explains the most common causes of low back pain and what you can do to help alleviate it, read here for more information about back pain

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Expert Massage-Therapist in Mississauga

posted by whortere on Nov 23, 2016
tags: Massage therapist back pain -The therapy offers an array of benefits ranging from relieving stress and migraine, improving the blood circulation of body and providing an ability to rehabilitate the physical functions of the body. Massage therapist locate and treat the pain. Here is lots of experts massage therapist who cure the problem quickly. Massage therapy is also useful for the autistic children behavior mitigated after each session and also very helpful for office-workers, it keeps them stress-free.

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