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Dot Net Interview Questions

Dot Net Interview Questions

1) What is .NET?

.NET is a framework for software development. It is just like other software development framework like (J2EE). It provides runtime capabilities and a rich set of pre-built functionality in the form of class library and API's. This .NET framework is an environment to build, deploy and run web services and other applications. Dot Net Training in Chennai

The .NET framework contains three main parts:

  • Common Language Runtime
  • Framework classes
  • The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

2) What is .NET Framework?

.NET Framework is a complete environment that allows developers to develop, run, and deploy the applications. .NET Framework also enables a developer to create sharable components to be used in distributed computing architecture. NET Framework supports the object-oriented programming model for multiple languages, such as Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual C++. .NET Framework supports multiple programming languages in a manner that allows language interoperabi

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Hunt Job Using Dot Net


Today most of the job seekers believe that Information technology as the promising field which would help them to grow themselves economically as well as technically in short span of time. Among various domains in IT, many of them get confused with choosing the right domain. Dot Net is small solution for your confusion. Let me brief you about Dot net. First of all Dot net is a framework used for building powerful applications which satisfies the business need as well as has better user experience more over the application developed using dot net are easily compatible with existing application which are build using the existing applications moreover you can enroll best Dot Net Training in Chennai to know more about dot net

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Get Ideas To Learn The Dot Net Course Over The Online With No Risk

To obtain the great skill and placement in the Dot Net language, obsessively the student needs to hire Dot Net Training in Chennai. This training center offers quality education on the major concept, as result the student can have ability to design all sort of application for the commercial and other needs. Here the Dot Net Trainers filled with update and long years of experience so they can share everything on the student what they learn in previous years. now the online act as important role in providing online training for Dot net course which bring high comfort for the people who work under the busy schedule. This course is exact designed to learn exact concepts and other features of Dot net coding, developing the web application, debugging and other windows development.

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Dot Net Design Principles


Since PC frameworks usually require cooperation amongst more up to date and more seasoned applications, .NET Framework gives intends to get to capacities actualized in more up to date and more established projects that execute outside .RyHTRW9YZDMq


While Microsoft has never executed the full structure on any framework with the exception of Microsoft Windows, it has built the system to be cross-platform,and usage are accessible for other working frameworks (see Silverlight and § Alternative usage). 


.NET Framework has its own particular security component with two general elements: Code Access Security (CAS)

Language autonomy

.NET Framework presents a Common Type System (CTS) that characterizes every conceivable dat sorts and programming builds bolstered by CLR and how they might communicate with each other fitting in with CLI determination. On account of this element, .NET Framework bolsters the trading of sorts and protest examples amongst libraries an

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Top Interview Questions for DotNet Course

Besant Technologies Microsoft .NET course is a 30 hours course, which covers every one of the ideas that made .NET presumably the most well-known Microsoft Framework. Beginning from the nuts and bolts i.e. Structure Architecture, make the first and essential applications. We utilize ASP.NET and IIS for making the client view and making your Web Application more secure. 


Interview Questions for DotNet

1) What is .NET?

NET is a fundamental piece of numerous applications running on Windows and gives regular usefulness to those applications to run. This download is for individuals who require .NET to run an application on their PC. For engineers, the .NET Framework gives a far reaching and reliable programming model for building applications that have outwardly dazzling client encountersand consistent and secure correspondence.

2) Which strategy do you use to implement rubbish accumulation in .NET?

The System.GC.Collect() strategy.

3) What is an IL?

Moderate Language is otherwise

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How to Improve yourself @ TIS Academy

Nowadays all the companies using  software Technology. It is Base of all the fields. Now Important one course is Dot net Training. Our TIS Academy is the best Dot Net Training .Take in Dot Net from fundamental level to propel level from our continuous specialists. On the off chance that you will participate in TIS foundation implies then be prepared for your continuous projects. Our syllabus  are planned by numerous HRs and corporate individuals. we are prepare our understudy in both meeting perspective and ongoing practical manner.


Job opportunities in Dot Net

As a coordinated situation, .NET is having much request in the market in item based and benefit based associations and in all most every one of the areas. It is having extensive variety of use everywhere throughout the world and henceforth the employment opportunities will be enormous in number. Being a .NET proficient one can without much of a stretch get a vigorous workplace at any association effectively. We at TIS Ac

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