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Download Super Mario Run App for iPhone, iPad

Super Mario Run

The wait is over. You can now play Mario on your iPhone or iPad.

Super Mario Run is now available for download in the App Store. The game consists of six worlds with four courses in each. The first three courses of the game can be played for free, but to unlock more levels you'll have to pay $9.99, £7.99 or AU$14.99. You'll need an internet connection to play.

Super Mario Run is different from other Mario games because the characters are constantly moving. The game is designed to be played vertically and with one hand. The only control you have over Mario is to make him jump, which is done by tapping the screen. The game lets you play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi and others. read more

Download Super Mario Run

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Freak - Gaming and Messaging App

Freak - Gaming and messaging app

Freak – a FREE platform developed for all smartphones which allows you to connect and play instantly with anyone on your phonebook and also can chat simultaneously. This app is always updated with more and more FREE games which will be added every month to keep the excitement going.

Cool Features of Gaming:


  • Maintaining a gaming profile
  • Flaunt and awarded Titles
  • Async Mode
  • Cross Platform
  • No Social Media Inference
  • Go Solo with Single Player

Want to develop a similar instant gaming app? Please visit FuGenX at or directly send us your enquiry at

FuGenX Technologies is the best mobile apps development company NYC having experience to develop 1000+ apps for their clients. Their expert developers and testers provide the multiplatform working app, with affordable price. FuGenX is providing versatile apps as well as award winning games since 2008 in Atlanta and all over the USA and become mobile app development company USA. 


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Do You Know About Payment Method Used In Domino Poker Online?

posted by Teckrad on Apr 26, 2016
tags: poker domino game online

Particularly it becomes fundamental to know how our resources of enjoyment might be efficiently utilized to earn revenue. Now we cannot say we are wasting time on taking part in over the internet games as they can simply get you bucks in speedy time. I am sure there will be individuals who are interested to learn about this kind of on line games and would like to perform them quickly. Hopefully by way of our article I'd be able to mention out some important facts about such exciting and well known on the net games and will have the ability to aid out the needy people.

Someone who gives consideration to the option of on line poker significantly will need to always use superior poker online websites. Playing poker could get you numerous funds in swift time but you may need to make absolutely sure picked website is highly trusted and really don't generate any payment matters. They're compact but critical aspects which should certainly be taken care of even while managing cara main domino

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Download Game Poker Online Ė Donít Miss Chance Of Making Quick Money

posted by Teckrad on Mar 25, 2016
tags: download game capsa susun

Unquestionably poker is among the excellent strategies to execute gambling and win tremendous capital. Inside a poker game, gamers are asked to execute their superior cards skills and predict the game if they extremely want to emerge as winner. Should you be someone who may take risk and have company believed in the poker gaming expertise, absolutely the poker market has lot to offer you. Already great amount of people has employed poker like a optimal method of earning big money in speedy time. Surely there could be some tense conditions despite the fact that taking part in the game which you will need to tackle thoroughly.

On a lot of instances you would wish to quit and on certain ones you would get the chance and cross the limits. Here it's important to know, without any threat you simply cannot get good results in poker. Till now we have now shared elements connected to poker game for folks who desire to generate profits out of it. Now we would wish to target on entertaining face

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Latest Browser Games 2015that Can Hook You

posted by harinarayanseo0777 on Oct 30, 2015
tags: game

A New year always requires new upgrades, modifications and resolutions. The developers` resolutions this year was letting us gamers enjoy browser games like never before. Therefore an amazing set of games were released in 2015 (until now) some were old but some tweaks here and there were added while others were entirely new. Either ways we ensure you that there are loads of fun waiting for you with browser games2015.So enough with the talks and let`s see what 2015 is holding for us.


1-      DRAKENSANG Online: 


Developed and published by Bigpoint this 3D online game will give you goosebumps with its amazing graphics and exciting game play.Customizing your character itself, magic powers and skills are all features in the game. In addition challenging quests are available, different characters to choose from and a quite decent variety of armory variation as well as magic powers.Dragonknight freedom fighters and magical Spellweavers fighting against the monsters of the Anderworld,,

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RPG Browser Games Ė A Matter of Your choice

posted by harinarayanseo0777 on Oct 30, 2015
tags: game

So there are thousands of online RPG browser games released every now and then, but how many of them are considered to be “good” ones according to the gamers rating? And the more important is how many of them are considered to be really good or at least good enough for us to talk about? Well we are about to figure out now as we start, so let`s go through what are considered to be some of the best RPG games.


1-      Heroes of the Realm:

Published & Developed by OGPlanet, a 2D game with more than unique 350 heroes whom you can customize with loot. Moreover it has both PvP & PvE challenges for you to choose from. The story goes around the calling of heroes across the realm of Midland in order to fight an interdimensional war. Those heroes are responsible for uniting a kingdom that has been divided into 3 parts. Customization of weapons and powers are available for the player. So ladies and gents, DO I HEAR WAR SHOUTS?!


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posted by harinarayanseo0777 on Oct 30, 2015
tags: game

“Tactical Card Combat” is the perfect phrase for describing this game, a face to face combat with a certain number of lanes that depends on the difficulty level you choose. Warrior, Ranger, Mage and priest are the main hero classes and accordingly each class has it`s different abilities.


What makes this game unique from others in the same category are the graphics, you can actually see the warrior moving and attacking the other. As other games it has PvP and single player campaigns where you go into straight fights against your opponents and try to figure out their different weak points. Last but not least, the players` turns are all taken together in real time which provides you with a smoother combat.


With this new browser games amazing package along with other games, I guarantee that you will be spending even more time on your PC than you ever did before. So bring your snacks, put on some comfy outfit and prepare yourself to what I love to call the “Summer Hibernation”. 

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Top Browser Games Of All Times

posted by harinarayanseo0777 on Oct 30, 2015
tags: game

So, forget about the online games categories, genres and release dates. RPG, MMORPG, Fantasy, GTAracde, Strategy, Sci-Fi, 2D, 3D, 2015,2014 , we are going to skip all of these miniature details. Why?

Because simply we are going to discuss what the gamers like to call “The best of the best”. Yes, that is right, we are going to review the top browser games of all times. So take a deep breath because we are about to board the roller coaster that will show us the MOST AMAZING GAMES EVER!! 1- Dead Frontier:

Developed and published by Creaky Corpse, a 3D astonishing games that will give you goose bumps when you experience its game play. It is a 3rd person survival game where you are supposed to survive in a city that is full of zombies (Fairview). So, how long will you survive my friend out there?

2- Begone:

A really impressive graphics for a browser game with simple controls and fast pace, what else would you ever need in a 1st person online game? The rules are simple, lock and load, ai

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The best browser gamesfor all Age Groups

posted by harinarayanseo0777 on Oct 30, 2015
tags: game

That`s a tribute to the early era of RPGs, hidden riddles to solve, real time combat, hidden switches and much more. This game that is developed by Almost Human and released in 2012 will take you to another world. You think it is easy to move around through the dungeons even with a map? Then think again because you will and things will get even more exciting when a huge spider or a demon is blocking your way.All in all, I hope we gave you more options for some browser RPGgames to add to your playing list and an overall view on the best browser games. So, get ready to spend long hours on your PC and forget how the outer world looks like! I hope you are.

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Your ultimate guide to free online RPG games

posted by rajeshseo50 on Aug 23, 2015
tags: game

The game might not have the amazing graphics that we see nowadays for the top online RPG games, yet if you are a Max Payne fan, then this is the game for you. Flip in slow motion to avoid the bullets and get rid of the bad guys. It might be a game with a short story board, but at the end it will leave you breathless. 

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