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HTC Desire 728

posted by sankar0005 on Apr 21, 2017
tags: technology gadget HTC mobile review

HTC Desire 728 is surrounded by a metal rim. It is a Dual Sim Mobile. On the top of the display, it comes with a 5MP camera and a LED notification light.  And there is a boom sound speaker and there are two of them so HTC is definitely sticking with their boom sound concept that has the two front facing speakers blasting towards the user.The disadvantage of this is they have to make the phone a little bit longer than the usual. It just feels like a 6-inch device but it is actually only a 5.5-inch display device and it is definitely wasting around 2 centimeters. On the back, you get a 13MP camera plus this matte plastic cover that you can remove. It probably has a bunch of different color options. There is also a noise cancellation mic at the back.  And to the bottom, there is a USB port. The branding comes on the back side. It is having a very smooth body.

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posted by sankar0005 on Apr 20, 2017
tags: technology gadget HTC Mobile review

HTC Desire 620G is a medium sized body with a 5-inch display. Wow, the phone looks fantastic. The borders are blue in color.The finish of the desire 620G is very stylish and feels expensive. The rear panel is soft and hard. It has medium-sized panels. It is available in many trendy colors. The volume rockers and the power button comes on the right side. At the top and bottom bezels, there is a speaker like holes one is earpiece and stereo speaker. The power slot is placed on the bottom and 3.5mm headphone jack is present on the top. At the rear, there is a camera withLED flash. The secondary camera on the front upper panel.

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