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Giving Gifts for Newlywed Couples Is Easy with These 8 Best Gift Ideas

choosing gifts for a newly married couple When you’re a guest to a wedding, one thing to think about is what to give to the couple. This is easy if they have a gift registry. But if they have none or you want to surprise them with something they didn’t expect, read on to find some great wedding gift ideas for newlyweds that they’ll surely appreciate. read more ... Shopping in the Philippines continue reading
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5 Places Where You Can Shop Like a Local in Batangas All Year Round

Other than SM and Robinsons malls, Batangas locals also frequent other shopping places. In these places, the words sartorial and ambiance are displaced by practical and sensible. These places may not be as big as the malls but they have choices that are as diverse as those at the malls but at lower price points. Below are five places in Batangas that shoppers can head to all year round. 1. Fiesta 888 Hypermart local shopping Batangas Fiesta read more ... Travel in the Philippines continue reading
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7 Ultimate Back-to-School Deals and Promos

Everybody’s excited about back-to-school season. All tuition fees and other expenses aside, parents are surely stoked to see their kids all dressed up in school uniform. But have you accomplished your back-to-school shopping yet? To complete your kids’ school supplies, here is a list of deals and promos where you can score items at a more affordable price with promo contests and giveaways to boot! 1. SM Stationary's #MadeforShool School Packs Promo Period: until June 30, 2017. school supplies promos Philippines read more ... Shopping in the Philippines continue reading
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10 Comfy, Fashionable Kids’ Jackets to Shop for this Rainy Season

June means the beginning of a new school year and the start of the rainy season. Kids need the right outfit to protect them from the harsh weather as well as to match with their school uniforms. ShoppersGuide has rounded up 10 cute jackets that kids can don on schooldays or on weekends. 1. Uniqlo Kids fashionable kids jackets read more ... Shopping in the Philippines continue reading
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How I Shop for Memorable Gifts

I have received far too many t-shirts, mugs, towels, and picture frames in my lifetime that I have forgotten where most of them came from. While the gesture itself is always much appreciated, often these items end up being re-gifted or gathering dust in a corner of the house. After a few months, they are either thrown out or donated to charity. how to shop for memorable gifts read more ... Philippine Directory continue reading
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Top 10 Best Wedding Venues in the Philippines 2017

February may be the month of love, but June is the month of weddings. This special month is said to be related to the Greek goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage and child birth, who also got married on June 1st to the Greek god, Jupiter. While selecting June as your wedding month is easy because of June’s romantic origins, choosing a venue may be more complicated! The look, the capacity, and the budget all play a huge role in selecting the perfect place to get married. Good thing that we have our top 10 list of the best wedding venues in the country according to our readers’ votes. From church, garden, or even a getaway wedding, take your pick from the destinations below. 10. Surftown (La Union) top wedding venues Philippines read more ... Travel in the Philippines continue reading
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6 Romantic Wedding Venues in Cebu for the June Bride

It’s wedding season once again, and with that comes the harried frenzy of preparing for one’s big day. The tradition of June being the wedding month stems back from the Roman practice of honoring the goddess Juno on the first day of June. Planning to be a June bride? Here are some wedding venues in Cebu for when you tie the knot. Circa 1900 wedding reception in Cebu read more ... Philippine Directory continue reading
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Best Things to Buy in June

The upcoming month is an exciting time for a lot of Filipinos because several key events take place during this time. For students, June means getting back to the academic grind; for lovers, it’s pre-wedding jitters; for families, it’s the big day for Dad; and, for the nation, it’s time to show Pinoy pride, when Independence Day is celebrated. And all these are happening just as the rainy season starts. As they say, when it rains, it pours! So, you’d better start your shopping and do it right. Raincoat, Rain Boots, Umbrella june shopping raincoat rain boots umbrella read more ... Shopping in the Philippines continue reading
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Score the Best Deals on Car Loans with These Tips

car loan tips Philippines

Is buying a car really an investment?

Before heading out to your nearest car dealership, think about why you’d like to get a car loan. One of the reasons people buy a car is to have their own means of transportation, instead of relying on public vehicles. This is especially true when you are a family or group which travels frequently. Ride sharing is also surging in popularity nowadays, which is great as an additional source of income if you know how to drive. read more ... Philippine Directory continue reading
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10 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat on the Go and Where to Buy Them

Snacks have earned a bad reputation since most of them are loaded with fat, sugar, salt, and calories. But when done right, snacking can give you health benefits like increased energy and nutrient intake, and better focus and performance. Below are ten wholesome snacks you can eat on the go while keeping the calories in check. 1. Rice bars healthy ready made snacks Philippines read more ... Restaurants in the Philippines continue reading
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