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Trendy Wardrobe Basics Perfect for Both Moms and Teen Daughters

We all love dressing up. Whether it’s for a special occasion or an ordinary work day, we always want to look good by wearing clothes that appeal to our fashion sense. And fashion chooses no age. While teenagers are keener in posting their outfits of the day (OOTDs) on social media, moms can be fashion gurus, too. If you’ve seen local celebrities like Marian Rivera and Sarah Lahbati dress up with their little ones, then you’ve seen how fashion is more fun and adorable when your kids are involved. Ready to go twinning with mom for Mother’s Day? Check out our list of styling must-haves that both teens and moms can sport with grace. Shirt dress wardrobe basics for moms and teens read more ... Shopping in the Philippines continue reading
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Shopping Out of the Box

Going out to shop in malls and department stores, supermarkets, and regular stores are how it is always done. Everything we need is there, and it’s alright to go to these places for our basic needs. But there is something to be said about small stores and specialty shops outside the big establishments. Many of the things that are not found in the big stores are available in the smaller shops. Personally, I spend more time shopping “out of the box” because it’s less crowded and, mainly, I love what I find there. I’m sure almost everyone has their own favorite specialty stores, so in this article, I would like to share with you just a few of mine. Assad specialty stores in the Philippines read more ... Dining in the Philippines continue reading
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7 Must-explore Food Stops in Coron, Palawan

If you know someone who’s been to Coron, you’ve probably heard them say that it is not a budget-friendly destination when it comes to restaurants and cafés. For starters, you cannot find in Coron the usual fast food joints you see in the city, save for some names that are also present in Manila: Lots’a Pizza, Zagu, and Mister Donut. But definitely, the food scene in Coron is as exciting as the adventures waiting for you there. Let us now explore the food destinations that will welcome you in Coron. 1. Trattoria Altrov’é Open from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM Budget: PhP1,000 to PhP1,500 for 2 persons must-try resturants in Coron Palawan


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10 Cool Sunglasses to Take with You on Your Summer Travels

Sunglasses may be a luxury to some, but it should be on top of your must-haves list this summer. Although it is usually considered just as a fashion accessory, sunglasses aren’t just meant to make you look chic in a matter of seconds; it also protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. This summer, with the sun blazing in its full glory, why not pick up some sunglasses that will not only protect you from going blind, but also complete your summer OOTD?! Check our list of cool sunglasses for your summer travels below and make them work. Sunnies Studios sunglasses brands for travel Metro Manila read more ... Travel in the Philippines continue reading
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This Week in Cebu (May 08 to 14, 2017)

Mother’s Day and a colorful fun run kick off the month of May in Cebu. Locals and tourists will have to brave the heat as well as traffic due to a tri-level pass to be built soon along UN Ave., Mandaue City. On the other side of town, a new LED-powered garden blooms in Cordova. Traffic measures for tri-level pass May 2017 travel weekly update Cebu read more ... Travel in the Philippines continue reading
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'Pirates of the Caribbean' is Showing in Theaters this May Plus More!

Metro Manila is getting busier this month of May as many students are getting a head start on their back-to-school preparations. Employees probably still have several days to enjoy basking in the sun at an out-of-town beach resort, with a few vacation leave credits left on their account. But staying out in the open air is not the only way to spend the summer! Those who can’t tolerate the outdoor heat can rekindle their love affair with their TV screens or visit the neighboring cinema houses to watch the latest shows opening this month. Here, we’ve collated some shows and events you need to catch on your days off. Concert What: 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III When: May 6 to 7, 2017 Where: Mall of Asia Arena Manila entertainment scene May 2017 read more ... Philippine Directory continue reading
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Surprise Your Mom with These Gifts on Mother’s Day

special Mother's day gift ideas

Make Mother’s Day cheerful and bright with these gift ideas.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Have you thought of what to give your mom for the occasion? Sure, cards and flowers are nice, but if you want to make your present extra special for her, then you might want to veer away from these go-to gifts. We’ve rounded up some gift ideas for Mother’s Day sure to put a smile on her face. read more ... Shopping in the Philippines continue reading
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First Look: 4 New Salon and Spa Additions in Negros

If you search for “new booming provinces Philippines” in Google, you might just see Negros Occidental in the search results. Booming is a term that perfectly describes the province’s economy, especially its travel and lifestyle industries. So surely, you’ll never run out of new places to discover in Western Negros like these recently opened salon and spa shops for city dwellers, and yes, for travelers too! Take a look at four of the locals’ new alternative salon and spa shops in Negros Occidental. 1. John Paul Spa and Nail Care (Bacolod City) newly opened salon massage spa in Negros Occidental read more ... Shopping in the Philippines continue reading
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The Best Things to Buy in May

In the Philippines, the month of May is known for all things beautiful—Mother’s Day, flowers, Flores de Mayo, and the last chance to have a vacation escapade before school starts again by June. May also marks the dawn of the rainy season by the end of the month, and, to some, the start of preparations for another school year. If you are about to finalize your shopping budget for this month, take a look at the following best purchases for May. From gowns to fruits, or more summer apparel or rain gears, ShoppersGuide will help you decide on the best things to buy that go in line with the activities you have in mind for this month. Back-to-School Supplies best shopping items Manila May read more ... Shopping in the Philippines continue reading
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5 Ideal Spots for Surfing Near Metro Manila

Filipinos are beach-loving creatures. With the 7,641 islands comprising our country, one wouldn’t run out of beaches to visit. But aside from beach-bumming and the casual snorkeling, another growing water activity in the country is surfing. Some might find it intimidating, but surfing is actually easy and fun. Plus, there are plenty of places in the country to try it out. If you are a budding surfer or are a little bit curious and want an adventurous summer, check out these five surfing spots near Metro Manila that you can visit and explore. Real, Quezon Travel Time: 3 to 4 hours ideal surfing spots near Manila read more ... Travel in the Philippines continue reading
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