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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Johor tourism mission to Jakarta, Bangkok, China this year

JOHOR BARU: The Johor government, through Tourism Johor, will continue to send its tourism promotion mission abroad to further promote the state's tourism products and services.

Johor Tourism, Trade, and Consumerism Committee chairman Datuk Tee Siew Kiong said the mission, to be carried out under the "Xplore Johor" programme would be sent to Jakarta in Indonesia, Bangkok in Thailand, and a city in China.

The mission to Jakarta is planned in July, followed by the other two cities, he told Bernama recently.

He said "Xplore Johor", carried out since 2014 through tourism promotion missions locally and abroad, is seen as capable of bringing positive impact on the state tourism, providing a venue for local industry players to exchange information and conduct business matching with international industry players and tour agents through Travel mart.

"As of now, we will maintain the Xplore Johor programme as it can help to promote the state tourism products. "We will focus the mission to to

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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing

Wonderful Indonesia' to Promote Various Tourism Destinations at Matta Fair 2017


Jakarta. The Wonderful Indonesia campaign team will promote various maritime, cultural, shopping and golf tourism destinations during this year's Matta Fair in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, on Aug. 4-6.


I Gde Pitana, deputy for foreign tourism marketing development at the Ministry of Tourism, said visitors to the event will receive exclusive offers for visiting the unique beaches in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, and the Borobudur and Prambanan temples in Central Java.


The ministry will also promote a special shopping experience in Jakarta and Bandung, West Java, the opportunity to play golf at world-class courses in the Riau Islands, as well as a magnificent spa experience with the traditional health and beauty treatments in Bali.



"This is Wonderful Indonesia, we have everything. Indonesia has so much to offer, so we will maximize our participation at Matta Fair in Johor Bahru in August," Pita

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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Indonesia promotes marine tourism in three Chinese cities

The Tourism Ministry is set to hold sales missions that focus on Indonesian dive sites in three cities in China, namely Beijing on July 25, Chongqing on July 26 and Guangzhou on July 28.

“The Chinese market is important for Indonesia. Apart from being the ministry’s main target market, China also contributes a significant amount of tourists to the country,” said the ministry's deputy minister for Overseas Promotion, I Gde Pitana.

“The Chinese tourists are currently interested in marine tourism. Our main target markets are Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, while the secondary city that we are eyeing on is Chongqing,” he added.

Among the destinations that will be promoted at the sales mission events are Bali, Lombok, Komodo Island, Alor, Derawan, Wakatobi, Togean, Ambon, Banda and Raja Ampat.

Around seven sellers from Indonesia are scheduled to meet with Chinese buyers during the event.

Last year’s sales mission reportedly managed to bring together five sellers and 75 buyers in Dal

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Galveston Jakarta Capital Reviews: Ministry Expects Tourism Boost after Sumba Resort

Jakarta. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said on Tuesday (11/07) his office will expect a boom in tourism on Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara after Nihiwatu Resort was named the best hotel in the world by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine.


Speaking in Central Jakarta on Wednesday, Arief said the award will give confidence to Sumba residents to promote tourism to their island.


"[In the region], we must compete with Vietnam to boost tourism here, but we need to work on easing regulations, which are not appealing to investors," the minister added.


Vietnam is the only Southeast Asian country mentioned as a "most improved country" in the World Economic Forum's 2017 travel and tourism competitiveness index. That list also includes Japan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Israel.



Arief said the main problem facing the tourism industry in Indonesia is tight government regulations. To change that, the minister has urged provinces to create special economic zones and show preferent

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Anambas, Natuna islands marine tourism showcased at Wonderful Sail Natuna 2017

Natuna Islands will welcome 150 foreign tourists and 25 yachts for Wonderful Sail Natuna 2017, an international yacht rally supported by the Tourism Ministry that runs from June 13 to 15.


The three-day event is the result of a collaboration with Sail Malaysia Passage to the East, another yacht rally that departs from Langkawi to Sandakan in Sabah, the northern part of Kalimantan island.


“The Sail to Natuna event has been conducted for three years, partnering with the regency administration. The goal is to promote Natuna regency as the world’s leading destination for cruise tourism as well as stimulating infrastructure development for marine tourism,” said Esthy Reko Astuti from the Tourism Ministry, who oversees national tourism marketing.

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Galveston Capital Tourism: Bandung's city tour bus entertain tourists with horror stories

Those who wish to explore Bandung in a more affordable way can try riding The Bandung Tour on Bus, also known as Bandros, that passes historical and iconic tourism sites in the city.


Interestingly, in addition to marveling at tourism sites, travelers will also get to hear stories of legendary destinations located along the route and the spooky myths that surround them.


“We explain about several mystical or haunted places in Bandung along the Bandros route, so that passengers won’t be bored. They will also get to know [Bandung's] legendary horror stories,” said Bandros driver Dede Sarifudin as quoted by


Bahureksa ambulance house


Located on Jl. Bahureksa in Bandung, the house is famous for an old ambulance that was always parked in front of it. Local legend says the ambulance was moved several times, but always found its way back to the house.



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Fifty Thousand Tourists Flock to Boat-Burning Festival in Riau

Jakarta. The Tourism Ministry, Riau provincial administration and Rokan Hilir district administration held the Bakar Tongkang — literally, "boat-burning" — Festival in Bagansiapiapi on June 10-11. The festival managed to attract more than fifty thousand visitors, beyond the organizers' expectation.


Local residents and tourists flocked to the city's Ing Hok Kiong temple in the weekend for the boat-burning ceremony, which was first held in the 19th century.


The religious ritual commemorates the arrival of Chinese traders and immigrants in Bagansiapiapi in 1820.


"A total of 52,000 tourists attended the festival, 30,000 locals and 22,000 international visitors… beyond our expectation of 43,000 attendees," Riau tourism agency head Fahmizal Usman said in a statement on Monday (12/06).

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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing - Jakarta’s Old Town to Host 2017 Asean Literary Festival


Jakarta. Jakarta's Old Town, or Kota Tua, is set to host the 2017 Asean Literary Festival on August 3-6. The festival will be attended by writers, scholars and artists from over 20 countries.


This year is the fourth anniversary of the festival and coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Association of South East Asian Nation, or Asean.


One of the founders and the program director of the festival, Okky Madasari, said ALF will carry the theme of "Beyond Imagination" this year, with a goal to make culture and literature a central part of life in Asean member countries.


"We are one big community," Okky said on Sunday (11/06), adding that the festival also focuses on introducing the achievements of Asean writers to global audience.


"This is an important role for ALF. Only literature and culture can create a true bond between us. Relying only on economic and political partnerships will leave 'Asean community' as a mere slogan, an empty rhetoric," she said.


Read Mo

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Potential commodities boom: Harmful for income inequality

Mid-year of 2017 which will be marked as mid-term of President Joko ‘Jokowi’, is now around the corner. Jokowi set key developmental targets at the beginning of his administration. One of them is narrowing down income inequality.


Income inequality has declined since President Jokowi took the office. Gini Coefficient, which measures income distribution ranges from zero (perfect equal meaning everyone earns the same income) to one (only one person earns all income in an economy), has fallen from 0.405 to 0.394. Gini Coefficient indicates a declining trend.


Therefore, the follow-up question for that progress is that what makes income inequality narrowing down? There is a tendency that lower commodity prices would lead to narrowing down income inequality.


It is no secret that Indonesia’s economy relies heavily on commodities, for example palm oil, rubber, and natural gas. When the commodity prices boom, Indonesia enjoys relatively massive amount of foreign exchange, and even

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Indonesia eyes Hong Kong tourists at International Travel Expo

The Tourism Ministry is bringing eight tourism players to the International Travel Expo (ITE) in Hong Kong set to run from June 15 to 18 in a bid to promote Indonesian destinations to the Hong Kong market.


“Hong Kong contributed 83,830 to the total 12,023,971 foreign tourists who visited Indonesia in 2016,” said the ministry's deputy minister for Overseas Promotion, I Gde Pitana.

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