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Take a Break from the Beach in These Alternative Summer Spots in Cebu

When people mention summer, they commonly think about going to the beach to escape the summer heat. But alas, when the beaches become too crowded, where can one go? Surely, there is no shortage of beaches in the island province of Cebu. But for those looking for a different kind of summer getaway, there are alternative places to go. Check out our list of fun things to do this summer that don’t involve going to the beach. Dive in waterfalls. summer vacation Cebu City read more ... continue reading
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5 Places to Get your Halo-halo Fix with a Twist!

Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern believes that Filipino food will be “the next big thing” a few years from now. Speaking of bizarre, Filipinos are popular for food mixed with ingredients that might not look pleasing to the eyes but are incredibly satisfying to our taste buds and stomach. And if there’s one unique food Filipinos can’t take away from their lives, it must be the all-time favorite dessert, halo-halo! In an episode of Parts Unknown on CNN, Anthony Bourdain featured halo-halo (roughly translated to mix together) from a Filipino fast food chain and called it “oddly beautiful.” This colorful and flavorful dessert has earned its reputation mainly because you can put anything with it and it would still taste great. This 2017, it’s time to level up the Filipino frozen treat we all love. Check out these five restaurants that offer halo-halo with a twist! read more ... continue reading
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This Week in Metro Manila (March 06 to 12, 2017)

This week in Manila, the February chill will be leaving the country as the dry season officially begins. Plus, new flights, traffic schemes, and electricity rates to go up this coming week. Skyjet Airlines launches direct flights from Manila to Siargao temporary license plates LTO suspension

Direct flight to Siargao is now available via Skyjet Airlines (Image: Fly Skyjet Air)

Last February 23, local airlines Skyjet officially offered direct flights from Manila to Siargao. Today, Skyjet offers daily flights directly to Siargao with a base fare of PhP3,277 inclusive of 10-kilogram baggage allowance, free drinks and snacks, free flowing wine, and seating options for all passengers. read more ... continue reading
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Weekend Entertainment in Metro Manila (March 03 to 05, 2017)

It’s the first weekend of March! And what makes it more special is the thought that we just received our month-end salary, which means we should go out and treat ourselves for being hardworking this week. Don’t know where to go yet? Don’t fret! ShoppersGuide has got you covered. Here’s a list of entertainment options where you can relax and loosen up this weekend. Movies weekend entertainment Manila March 2017 read more ... continue reading
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Sky Waterpark Cebu: A Family-friendly Destination in the City

swimming pool Mandaue Cebu

The children’s play area has a seesaw, water curtain, and slides.

There’s just a few days left before the summer season kicks in. Cebuanos typically find respite from the heat by swimming at the beaches in Mactan. But with one recently built development, Cebuanos need not drive across another island to get their dose of fun in the sun. Sky Waterpark Cebu is the newest water park located at J Centre Mall in Mandaue City. Spanning 4,200 sqm, the facility features a guitar-shaped pool with Jacuzzi, an infinity pool, and a children’s play area. It also has a swim-up bar and casual dining restaurant serving American and Italian fare. read more ... continue reading
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Best Things to Buy This Sizzling March

March signals the beginning of summer in the Philippines. Since it is the vacation season, kids are already on their school break and families are starting to plan for their getaways. Before you let your kids run crazy with their gadgets or buy unnecessary summer items for yourself, check our list of best things to buy and do this month to make the most out of this season. Workshops summer activities and sale promotions March 2017 read more ... continue reading
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Keep Your Cool in These New Summer Hangouts in Metro Manila

Summer is the best season to get moving. According to Coca-Cola Company website, sunlight has something to do with feeling energized. Ultraviolet rays trigger the production of serotonin, also known as “happy hormones,” that put us in a good mood.[1] Hence, everybody feels enthusiastic to try new things and socialize when it’s not pouring outside. With that in mind, let us take advantage of the fair weather and try these new places in Metro Manila while Mr. Sun is still up. Greenway Park BGC summer hangouts Metro Manila 2017 read more ... continue reading
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This Week in Metro Manila (February 27 to March 05, 2017)

Metro Manila welcomes a new month this week and is entering the summer season. Here are the latest news and local advisories in the metro for this week. Number coding for PUVs in Metro Manila is suspended flight cancellations March Philippines

Massive transport jeepney strike on February 27 (Image: Government)

Another massive jeepney strike is being organized by transport groups on Monday, February 27 protesting the planned phaseout of their vehicles. Some of the affected areas are Metro Manila, Iloilo City, Bacolod City, Baguio City, Cebu City, Tacloban, and Cagayan de Oro City which affected numbers of passengers. Some of the school administrators have canceled their classes. The number coding for Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) in Metro Manila is likewise suspended. read more ... continue reading
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Zili’s Nasi Goreng Kampung and Other Flavorful Offerings

Malaysian restaurants Rizal

The nasi lemak; literally a mouthful. A pleasant one at that.

Enthusiasts of the spicy Malaysian cuisine may already be familiar of a number of restaurants and establishments in the metro serving our neighbor-country’s cuisine. However, arguably though, not one name among them really stands out so far. It isn’t easy to satisfy one’s cravings for really good nasi gorengnasi lemak, and other equally hot and tasty Malaysian dish. Fortunately for those looking for this particular Southeast Asian cooking, Zili Asian Fusion Restaurant in Cainta, Rizal may just be the place to appease their appetite. Zili Asian Fusion Restaurant, or Zili, has attracted loyal customers primarily for its crazily spicy nasi goreng kampung. As the owners, husband and wife Jomal and Reyg Linao, put it, the authentic Malaysian servings they offer are not for the faint of tongue! ShoppersGuide explores that, plus other reasons why this place can be your trusted go-to place for a real Malaysian treat!”  continue reading
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MONBIS’ Halo-Halo: The Newest Addition to the Food Landscape of Cebu

Summer may come and go. In fact, it is already in the horizon. But every now and then, it becomes hot and humid in the city, just like any city being situated in a tropical country like ours. During these times, I usually try to find a way to keep myself cool, like going to the mall and grabbing something to eat. But one of the best ways I keep myself cool is by going to the nearest halo-halo store in the neighborhood. While there are a number of halo-halo stores in Cebu City, one particular store has caught my attention after a number of friends and acquaintances told me to try it out. This store is MONBIS’ Halo-Halo in Tisa. halo halo in Cebu read more ... continue reading
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