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International Patent Protection News From BSA Law

posted by donaldhood on May 07, 2017
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1888PressRelease - From the Thai intellectual property protection desk at BSA Law: Thailand's patent protection laws recognize the legality of foreign trademarks but patent and copyright protection for works created abroad are subject to the country's international membership and agreements.

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Liquid Screen Protector

Crystalusion is a liquid screen protector invented to protect all your multimedia devices. It is one of the best screen protector in India. It protects your mobile phone screens, tablets screens, laptops screens, glasses, gaming consoles, televisions,etc. For mor info visit: Crystalusion - Liquid Screen Protector

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Saving yourselves from being nuked ... learning from the devil

In the last few pages we discussed how the Jewish Bankers and Corporations are planning out the third World War. These are the moves that they have planned based upon their current strings, connections and influence in politics and media. Now, in the coming pages ... I shall show you how to change history ... God willing. But before that ... the more important thing is “how to save yourself from being nuked”. By any chance if we are not able to accomplish the task in the right time then we should be prepared to save ourselves from the nuclear war. We need to save as many lives as possible and try to implement the most influential methods of getting this done.
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