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Probiotics and its Effects

Probiotics and its EffectsOverview of Probiotics and its Effects:

Human are safe when inside the womb. Once outside, they are subjected to different types of microbes. These microbes can be useful or may be harmful. As soon as the baby is out of the mother’s womb, they are subjected to different kinds of diseases caused by the microbes. This is the situation where probiotics comes in and plays the role of regulating disease causing microbes.

Lactobacillus is the best example for probiotics. These probiotics stimulate immune system for better digestive health and also produces an antibiotic, which leads to the destruction of disease causing microbes.

Understanding Probiotics: 

What are Probiotics?

As per Food and Agricultural Organization and World Health Organization (FAO/WHO), probiotics are: “Kind of live microorganism, capable of offering health benefits to mankind when administered in an adequate amount.

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