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How to use VVDI2 and VVDI Prog to Program Porsche Paramera Key?

VVDI2 Porsche software can support Key Learn,diagnostic,and special function.Xhorse VVDI display to use VVDI Prog and Xhorse VVDI2 Program Porsche Paramera new key.

It will be three main steps to program new keys for Porsche Paramer: Read BCM Data, Program a deal key, Write a new key.


1.Here is the Porsche BCM Photo


2.Use VVDI Prog to read Porsche BCM.


Start VVDI Prog software, and choose type: 4-immobilizer, brand: porsche, type: BCM-1L15Y


Click Connection diagram,check the photo and connect MC9S12 adapter to the BCM

Remove the component and solder back after the operation is completed.

Click Read on the VVDI Prog software,after read out the data,click save.

3.Open VVDI2 Quick Tool icon on the desktop.Choose Porsche software.

Choose "Key Learn-> new porsche key->prepare dealer key-> EEPROM 01L15Y"

Click "Load File",load the file you have saved from VVDI Prog.

Then choose key 3.And click Prepare dealer k

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VVDI PROG unlock PCF7941 PCF7953 PCF7937 tested OK

It’s newly tested OK to reset/ unlock PCF7941 PCF7953 PCF7937 key transponder chip by VVDI PROG CAS4! And we have VVDI Prog Plus PCF79XX adapter bundle package.Check below steps and software screenshots!

VVDI PROG reset PCF79xx chip main steps:

Open VVDI PROG V4.5.7 software, select Type: 2-MCU, Brand: NXP-PCF79xx and Chip accordingly.

Click the “Open” button to open the bin file.

Click the “Reset Protect” button and “Yes”. It will erase all key chip data.

Click the “Open” again then click “Write” and “Yes” to continue.

After that click the “Set Protect” button to complete.

Click to check videos about VVDI PROG unlock PCF7941 PCF7953 PCF7937

How to use VVDI Prog Unlock PCF7953 BMW F series Key?

How to use VVDI Prog Unlock PCF7941 Peugeot Transponder?

How to use VVDI Prog Unlock PCF7941 Astra H Transponder?


VVDI PROG 4.5.7 software download here:!6ogjmSaS!znPbO1GfGxMAxSG38cYqNuISqyz70lnWUdJQGSqz5q

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How to use VVDI2 and VVDI Prog Program BMW CAS4 1L15Y Key?

VVDI Prog is good tool to read dump file,and then use with VVDI2 Programmer to make key.Here we will introduce VVDI2 Key programmer with VVDI Prog to program BMW CAS4 1L15Y Key all key lost(BMW 525 2011 year).XhorseVVDI has the bundle package for VVDI2 Plus VVDI Prog.

1.VVDI Prog Read Dump File

vvdi prog cas4 1l15u 

1.1.Start VVDI Prog software and choose BMW CAS4 1L15Y  type.

vvdi prog bmw cas4

1.2.Check connection diagram and operation like diagram photo shows.

vvdi prog bmw cas4

1.3.Click read.

vvdi prog

If the process is OK,it will display "Opration success" under the software.

1.4.Save the data you have read.

2.VVDI2 Make New Key

2.1. Start VVDI2 software.Choose File make key.

vvdi2 bmw cas4

2.2.Choose the type "BMW CAS4 1L15Y".vvdi2 bwm cas4

2.2.Load EEPROM dump file.

vvdi2 key programmer

2.3.Load the file you have read by VVDI Prog.

2.4.VVDI2 display the ISN and key frequency.


2.5.Make Dealer Key.

2.6.Input new key to programmer then continue.Key Written succ

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VVDI Prog Read Benz EIS W203 1J35D/xJ74Y(MC69HC08AZ60)

V4.5.5 VVDI PROG Programmer is super programmer support read/write/save eeprom data.And VVDI Programmer  can get free BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip,if it support,the ISN will display automatically.

vvdi prog

Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer will be a good tool to work with VVDI MB Tool,VVDI2 Key Programmer.And here is some steps about using VVDI Prog to read Benz EIS W203 1J35D/xJ74Y(MC69HC08AZ60).

1.Start VVDI Prog software,and choose the detailed type.

2.Click Connection Diagram,then it will display the diagram,please soldering like the pic shows:

vvdi prog benz w203

3.Use the MCU Reflash Cable V2,and do the diagram.Please do not forget the black color connection in the diagram,it is black color,not much obvious.

And in the diagram pic,it shows "Connect these pads"

vvdi prog w203

The connection cable of two points,the cable is 4 times of hair is OK,no need too long too thick,as it does not need too high voltage.

4.After connected well,click read on the software menu,and then save the data you hav

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VVDI Prog Programmer and Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer Comparison

VVDI2 is a comprehensive diagnose and programming tool (programming ECU and programming remote keys). VVDI Prog is like ecu programmer.For these two original Xhorse tools, will shware the comparsion about them.

1.VVDI Prog and VVDI2 Key Programmer Functions

VVDI2 is the update version for VVDI VAG Diagnostic, it inherited VVDI all features, mainly used to diagnose, programming ECU and keys and so on.

VVDI2 =VVDI options + BMW Multi Tool options + Porsche options + J2534(free)+ Tango(free) + Remote control generation(free)…..more other function will be added, the hardware and software can be updated by offical website (internet).

VVDI Prog programmer is famous Auto EEPROM MCU ECU programmer,VVDI PROG=(BMW ISN READ)+(EERPOM read)+(mcu read MOTO 9S12,5M48****)+PIN Code Calculation(more pin coder Algorithm ,than 40 type)

In short:

VVDI2 main function: vehicle diagnosis, odometer correction, ecu programming, remote key programming, key matching. e

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Free Download V4.5.6 VVDI Prog Software (2017.03.21 Update)

V4.5.6 VVDI PROG Programmer newest software is released on Mar 21th.Here is the vvdi prog programmer software newest download link.

1.Free Download V4.5.6 VVDI Prog Software

Here is the download link:!jpoEhToS!m9NoYIAhLhjLX-8imfQng7IQgwcGvVWFwxb7W_VlAL8

2. V4.5.6 VVDI Prog Update Informaiton

VVDI Prog v4.5.6 (2017-03-21)

* This version DON't need update firmware

* Fix some bugs

+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.6 version in Doc folder

+ Support operate software while opening the diagram

* Fix MC9S12G192,MC9S12GA19,MC9S12G240,MC9S12GA240 options PFLASH write error problem

+ Add PIC12F635,PIC12F683 options in <2-MCU>-><MICROCHIP-PIC12F>

+ Add PIC16F631,PIC16F636,PIC16F639,PIC16F677,PIC16F684,PIC16F685,PIC16F687,PIC16F688,PIC16F689,PIC16F690 options in <2-MCU>-><MICROCHIP-PIC16F>

+ Add JIEFANG-J6-BCM option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><FAW> (Need to use with VVDI2)

+ Add FC-OPERATION-UNIT-W221 option in <8-OTH

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Xprog Connection Pinout to Benz W221 ISM with ST10F269

posted by obdii365 on Nov 28, 2016
tags: vvdi prog vvdi-prog

Here provides the Mercedes-Benz W221 ISM with ST10F269 connection pinout to Xprog M ecu programmer in case anyone needs it.



I always use it with xprogIts only for ism with 9s12w221-ism-ST10F269-to-xprog-1


Tips:For w221 ism with ST10F269 read by Xhorse vvdi prog OK with micromax diagramfor write it didn’t erase automatically you have to erase it before, then all OK .All st10 must be erase before write.

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VVDI PRO VVDIPROG v4.3.1 replace Porsche BCM 2M25J CPU

Managed to replace/ change Porsche 2M25J CPU on BCM, with back-up of original D-FLSH and P-FLSH

I first tried it myself.

Rewrite partition for 2M25J


If the D-FLSH is 16Kset EEE partition as 8


If the D-FLSH is 32Kset EEE partition as 0


Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer:


Partition division complete. Then write the backup D-FLSH, and then P-FLSH

Finish encryption in the end. Porsche encryption byte: 7D



However, the BCM cannot work at all. Failed to read data and unencrypt.

Discussed with the engineer, i adopted the method below:

Step 1 - completely clear the encryption

Select the device and clear the encryption fully


Then CPU is all cleared. Again divide CPU partition. set the partition as 8

Step 2 - Write D-FLSH

Some data to modify before writing D-FLSH

Find out Line “7FF00” and replace “7D” with “FF”, then write CPU


Then perform encryption

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