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posted by Shayan on Jun 08, 2017
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First Time in the history of united kingdom a group of umrah experts providing latest updates on its official umrah blog, Find the detailed information regarding Islamic topics with experts views.

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Why Learn Dot Net Programming Framework?

Today, we live in a world where the latest technology is emerging and replacing the old ones in very furious and brutal way. But, amidst all the changing scenario, the two decades old 'Dot Net Framework' is still relevant and going really strong.  Developers uses Dot NET package for an orderly access to databases, web services, and other communication tools for the creating apps running on Windows. In lieu to avail the framework adequately, you require a proper Dot Net training (If you don't have any), and if you still have any doubts, the below mention points will help you to clear off your head. *`Dot Net comes with a large class library called as 'Framework Class Library' which helps in interacting two different programming languages to operate on the same kind of data structure. * The Programs that are written for Dot NET Framework runs in a software environment named Common Language Runtime (CLR) Hope that above described points will felicitate you with enough reason to purs

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Hiranandani Estate in Thane is a premium realty hotspot in Thane.It has immensely contributed to the development of Thane City. Hiranandani Estate can be defined as the crown jewel of Thane and has been instrumental in shaping the real estate sector of Thane.

Thane at one time was considered amongst the least developed locality in terms of infrastructures, accessibilities, connectivity, lifestyle and also in terms of the real estate landscape. Thane always had the potential to be amongst one of the developed cities in terms of real estate sector.

Investing in Hiranandani Estate is the ideal location as it serves as the perfect location with a great future scope and higher return on investment.

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Ghodbunder Road, Thane has become the most favorable destination for home buyers and real estate investors.  Thane has emerged into a suburb with huge townships and high rise properties meeting budget of every category of society.


Investing in any property is about investing in the right property at the right location for the correct price. Keeping these parameters in mind investing in Hiranandani estate Thane forms an ideal real estate market as it has shown a significant growth not only in infrastructural developments but also in terms of ROI for investors.


End users as well as the investor are always on the hunt for a location according to their requirements which includes Schools, colleges, hospitals, Banks etc. which are the important aspects that form a part of the daily routine for human beings.

Location that meets all these requirements along with the properties at reasonable rates with different property brackets are always attractive and lucrative and are picked up f

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Real Estate Investment - Vartak Nagar Thane

Vartak Nagar is located in Thane west in the state of Maharashtra, India and is part of the konkan region and division.

Salient features of Vartak Nagar Thane :

  • Vartak Nagar Thane has emerged with good transit channels, exclusive properties and other social infrastructures to cater the need of the inhabitants.
  • The location has good schools, colleges, malls etc. designed and constructed with latest technologies. 
  • It has great facilities with transport services, wide roads and railways which are well connected to different parts of the city.

For more details visit on : Vartak nagar thane 

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Real Estate Investment - Kalwa Thane

posted by wallsnroof on Feb 21, 2017
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Kalwa is located in the northern part of Thane city falls under Thane Municipal Corporation. Kalwa is one of the developed areas of Thane and has seen a significant growth in the last few years. The high rise infrastructures in the locality have boomed the real estate industry of Kalwa. 

Salient features of Kalwa Thane :

The real estate landscape of kalwa has been transformed at a faster pace. It has all kind of residential properties to cater the housing needs of all the segments of the society. • The huge industrialization around Belapur Road which passes through kalwa has supposedly turned the locality into one of the largest manufacturing and Industrial hubs across the country.• Kalwa is situated close to various social infrastructures like schools, hospitals, banks, Malls, Markets, Restaurants etc. to give the residents a quick access to their basic needs.• It has great connectivity to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and other parts of Thane via its smooth and easily accessible transit chan

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Real Estate Investment - Wagle Estate

posted by wallsnroof on Feb 20, 2017
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Wagle Estate is located in Thane city, Maharashtra, India. During the last few years, Wagle Estate has shown a rapid development in all the aspects and has experienced a good demand in real estate sector.Today, it is one of the best peripherals of Thane with high rise infrastructures. 

Salient features of Kapurbawdi Thane :

The real estate landscape of Wagle estate has immensely transformed by the leading developers of India with exclusive residential and commercial projects. • Wagle Estate’s close proximity to Mumbai, excellent infrastructures and easily available skilled manpower has attracted many Software Industries and BPO’s as well. • The locality is well connected to major social and civic amenities like educational institutes, Health care centers, Banks and ATM’s, Shopping Centers etc. of the Thane city. • Apart from the above factors, Wagle estate has quick access to trains, buses and all other public transports easily available in the locality to help the inhabitants commut

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Property Investment - Kapurbawdi Thane

Kapurbawdi is strategically located in the Thane city, Maharashtra state, India. Kapurbawdi is one of the fastest growing peripheral of Thane. From the last few years, it has witnessed a phenomenal growth in all aspects especially in real estate sector. 

Interesting Spots of Kapurbawdi Thane :

It has many worship places viz: Our Lady of Fatima Church, Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Sai Baba Mandir, Ashapura Mandir, Dawoodi Bohra Masjid, Durga Mata Mandir, Dargha Jama Masjid, Noori Baba Dargah & Masjid, Evangelical Church of India, Nandi Baba Shiv Temple etc.Also the weekend and holiday spots of Thane like Sanjay Gandhi national Park, Tikuji – ni – wadi, suraj water park etc. are located at short driving distance from kapurbawdi. 

Kapurbawdi has seen a rapid increase in its property rates over the passing years. Infrastructural development are the main reasons that have been instrumental in bringing up the property rates and hence it 

has the complete poten

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Real Estate Investment - Ghodbunder Road Thane

Ghodbunder Road is located in thane west, Maharashtra, India. Stretched entirely through the district of Thane, it is also titled as State Highway 42. Thane has many peripherals areas but Ghodbunder Road in thane west has emerged as the most preferred destination for home buyers as well as investors. Ghodbunder Road has seen rapid appreciation over the years and is still continuing to do so.


Property rates of Ghodbunder Road Thane :

Known as the top locality with huge demand in the realty market in India, Ghodbunder Road price trends are very much interesting. The area has seen a good rise in its property rates with the passing years and has achieved a lot of fame in the real estate industry. From last five years, the locality has achieved a capital appreciation of around 90 percent in the property rates of residential segment.It went up to Rs. 7, 400 per Sqft in the end of 2011. After which it achieved further a appreciation of 20% from 2011 to 2012.

With infrastruct

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Property Investment - Patlipada Thane

Patlipada, a village in the Indian state of Maharashtra now a part of Thane city is located on Ghodbunder Road, Thane west. 

Accessibilities Overview of Patlipada Thane :

Patlipada facilitates its locals with all important accessibilities such as Schools, Hospitals, Bus Stops, Banks, Gardens, Restaurants, Malls, and Movie Theaters etc. at a very short distance.


Presence of Schools & Institutes,Malls,Cinemas,Hospitals,Banks & ATM,Restaurants,Garden & parks adds cherry on the cake.This facilities attracts people to reside in this locality to fulfill their lives with happiness and peaceful surrounded environment like heaven.Interesting Spots of Patlipada Thane :

 Many worship places are present in the locality for the devotional locals. Some of them include, Shakti Peeth Hanuman Temple, Kingdom Seekers International Church, Shri Chandra Prabhu Digambar Jain Mandir and Convent Blessings Church etc. Another visiting spot in the locality is Tiku

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