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Condor Xc Mini Master

How to use Condor XC-MINI to Cut Ford FO21 Key?

Original condor xc mini master key cutting machine can support to cut Ford FO21,but it needs to use with Ford M3 Fixture,this M3 Clamp needs to buy separately.

How to use Condor XC-MINI to Cut Ford FO21 Key?

1.Start your Condor XC-MINI Master,click on "Cut by Bitting".

mini condor

2.Choose FO21,then confirm.

mini condor

3.Enter bitting 241434.

mini condor

4.Put M3 fixture and tighten it.

condor xc-mini

5.Put the blank FO21 Key and tighten.

condor xc-mini

6.Click Cut.Please confirm the key position is .Then start to cut key.

mini condor ford fo21 condor-xc-mini-ford-fo21-7

Please operate according to the menu tips.

7.Cutting complete.

mini condor

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