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Tyre&Auto Servicing Review on why do different car parts need regular check-ups?

Catalytic converters


The year of 1993 marks the birth of catalytic converters, which have been added in all petrol exhaust systems since then. It is built for the purpose of reducing the harmful effects of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen being released into the environment every day. Catalytic converters can convert toxic gases into water vapour and less dangerous gases, thus decreasing the effects of those damaging gases. Catalytic converters also need regular check-ups even if can last for a long period of time to guarantee the good performance of your car.



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Tyre & Auto Southbourne Group Review - Benefits of Dedicated Car Servicing

The precision with which certain car servicing tasks are done requires certain skills and special equipment. Whether we are talking about wheel-balancing, electrical repairs, ignition timing and others, the ordinary individual stands to gain the benefits of having a professional car servicing company instead of going DIY.

Record-keeping is accomplished for you

Rare must be those people who keep their own dental records at home where they are of virtually no use, except perhaps for starting a family dental archive. So, a car’s maintenance and repair log can best be of value in the hands of a professional car service provider.


In the long run, having a regular car servicing company, such as Trye&Auto Southbourne, take care of your car results in a more efficient car as well as bring savings for the owner as it frees them from the laborious task and allows them to focus on other productive tasks. A car suffers obsolescence the moment it goes out of the showroom, just as we grow old

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Tyre&Auto Group Review: Make sure to have regular car maintenance

Maintaining the good condition of a car needs regular maintenance and necessary repair. Ensuring the safety of everyone concerned should also be the main concern of every driver. People should always keep the safety standards of their own cars as well as maintaining their perfect running condition to have a peaceful drive.


What comes first before learning how to move a car forward or backward? The answer is how to brake properly. For Tyre&Auto; Southbourne Group, this symbolizes the importance of safety. The company understands the significance of safety in driving a car, so they only provide quality service to their customers to make sure that they would be danger-free inside their own car.


Tyre&Auto; Southbourne Group is a family-operated company that has an excellent record in trading car parts and accessories. They offer car servicing, tyres, brake checks, MOT’s, and free seasonal tune-ups and check-ups.

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: The advantages of hiring a good car service provider

Getting the services of a good car service provider certainly brings a lot of advantages to a car owner and some of which were enumerated in the following paragraphs. Aside from the quality car maintenance and repair, there's more to hiring a trustworthy car servicing company.




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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Car parts that need frequent check-ups


A car has crucial parts that need constant monitoring to guarantee its good performance and to assure the safety of the driver and the passengers.

Listed here are some important car parts described by Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group:

Catalytic converters - It was introduced in 1993 and was integrated into petrol exhaust systems. It is built for the purpose of reducing the damaging effects of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen that are being emitted into the atmosphere. It can convert toxic gases into water vapour and less harmful gases. 

Brakes - It should be checked at least twice a year to assure the safety of all people concerned and to have an optimum performance for average or beyond average annual mileage cars. 

Tyres - It should also be checked often to have a more comfortable ride with no more hassles of unexpected broken tyres. It is recommended to replace your tyres at the right time, but you may first ask the advice of your car service provider regarding this matt

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