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Alanic Clothing Offers Lifestyle Footwear on Wholesale

posted by athenawillams on Jun 09, 2017
tags: Footwear

Enjoy huge wholesale discount on the lifestyle footwear that are matchless pieces, made at the house of global manufacturer and supplier, Alanic Clothing.

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Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy


We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about podiatry such as diabetic foot care, shock wave therapy, stress fracture heel, severs disease or heel pain in Laurel.

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Stem Cell Injection For Heel Pain

Many common athletic injuries can be treated with Stem Cell therapy, where normally they would require surgery, depending on the severity of the injury. Another common issue, that comes with age, is ankle arthritis, this can develop from improper treatment of an ankle issue suffered previously in your life. We offer the most advanced stem cell and platelet treatments for heel injuries and degenerative conditions.

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Stress Fracture Heel

Stress fractures heel is common overuse injuries, and fractures of the calcaneus, or heel bone, is especially common in running athletes. Usually the fracture occurs in the lower leg and foot.

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ExtraCorporeal ShockWave Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain Institute provides ExtraCorporeal ShockWave Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis.  The ESWT system provides a non-surgical, noninvasive alternative for patients suffering from heel pain. Using ESWT to treat plantar fasciitis is intended for individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic heel pain (lasting at least 6 months) which has failed to respond to conservative treatment (cortisone injections, physical therapy, orthotics, etc.). If you meet this criteria please contact us.

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