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Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

posted by crazyask on Apr 20, 2017
tags: friends life

Questions to Ask Your Best Friend: Do you know your best friend completely? Well, your prompt answer would be a straight yes of course. But hang in there, there are still some things that you may not know about them yet. 

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10 Reasons not to be an Entrepreneur

posted by raju on Feb 12, 2015
tags: entrepreneur crazy dream friends

Nowadays everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. No one wants to work under anyone but to start their own company or business. But here s what you should consider before making up your mind to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone is meant to be entrepreneur. Chec out this article to know if you have it in you to be one.

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6 psychological specimens who were friends for 10 years

Friend is probably one of the most widely known and loved show in the history of television. This article explores how each character in this show was unique and funny!There is Phoebe's "smelly cat" or Chandler's "Can it be more funny?" or Joey's "How you doing? " to which people still laugh and rave about .Their journey through 10 years and what attributes made those characters memorable and adorable.Check out as we tell you about these interesting characters who became our F.R.I.E.N.D.S for life!

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