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Boost your business with ready to customize app for restaurant business from NCRTS

Check , we offer ready to customize mobile app tailored for restaurant business.


Restaurant App is becoming an important marketing channel to bring restaurant customers as well as reduces hassle free transactions & processes. Easily you can keep the track record of customers.  Engage your customers better with a mobile app for your Restaurant.



Email us at or call us at +919874490800. We will be glad to discuss in details.

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Boost your business with NCRTS Medical App

Visit and see how our ready to customize mobile app can help you grow and boost your business !



Learn how mobile apps are penetrating the hospitals, medical centers, doctor offices, laboratories. See how a mobile app can increase patient - doctor - medical center front office interactions and make it very convenient for patients and medical centers. Do you run a medical center / doctor office / Hospital?  Drop us a line at or call us at +919874490800.

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Is Apple Going to Delete Your App? Here's How You Can Save It


If you’ve received notice from Apple that your app is at risk -- or if you just haven’t been diligent with your updates -- don’t fret! Now is the perfect opportunity to tackle those updates and stay relevant while taking advantage of some of the newest iOS technology.

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