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The 2016 Complete Guide to Virtual Reality

posted by moontechnolabscom on Dec 16, 2016
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Virtual Reality

Until recently, virtual reality had been something of a fantasy for storytellers and technologists. As long ago as 1935, American science fiction writer Stanley G Weinbaum described something like virtual reality in a short story called Pygmalion’s Spectacles.

"But listen -- a movie that gives one sight and sound. Suppose now I add taste, smell, even touch, if your interest is taken by the story. Suppose I make it so that you are in the story, you speak to the shadows, and the shadows reply, and instead of being on a screen, the story is all about you, and you are in it. Would that be to make real a dream?" Technologists might still be working on smell and taste, but Albert Ludwig’s "magic spectacles" eerily foreshadow the current prominence for headsets and 360-degree games, videos and virtual worlds. Read full post here...

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