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defect judgement but not affect composite deck

posted by qizhen0809 on May 31, 2017
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defect judgement but not affect composite deck

floor thickness is full, the underlying foam layer, a printing layer and a wear resistant layer is layered phenomenon, whether there is a bottom, bottom thickness is the same as onion skin, floor leather is black is back. (3): Test for the thin floor leather, hand torn, if can easily tear, tear strength of this floor is not up to the requirement, the floor gently tucked under pressure, if not the same, and poor impression,

this product is soft. If the layer can be torn apart between the layers, it can be explained that the combination of the products is not good, and the phenomenon of delamination will appear soon after use. 6, according to the purchase of choice, if it is long-term indoor use, should choose high grade products, as far as possible to buy well-known brands, regular products produced. This kind of product has enough thickness and better interlayer bonding force, and it is difficult to layered and warped,

especially the feeling of comfort and elegance of foamed leather. If you want to use short-term or one-time use cover, can choose the low-grade products, because of low product prices low, can choose a variety of price, but this product is a lot of waste material processing, poor softness, the thickness is generally thin,

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