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Free Download V4.5.6 VVDI Prog Software (2017.03.21 Update)

V4.5.6 VVDI PROG Programmer newest software is released on Mar 21th.Here is the vvdi prog programmer software newest download link.

1.Free Download V4.5.6 VVDI Prog Software

Here is the download link:!jpoEhToS!m9NoYIAhLhjLX-8imfQng7IQgwcGvVWFwxb7W_VlAL8

2. V4.5.6 VVDI Prog Update Informaiton

VVDI Prog v4.5.6 (2017-03-21)

* This version DON't need update firmware

* Fix some bugs

+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.6 version in Doc folder

+ Support operate software while opening the diagram

* Fix MC9S12G192,MC9S12GA19,MC9S12G240,MC9S12GA240 options PFLASH write error problem

+ Add PIC12F635,PIC12F683 options in <2-MCU>-><MICROCHIP-PIC12F>

+ Add PIC16F631,PIC16F636,PIC16F639,PIC16F677,PIC16F684,PIC16F685,PIC16F687,PIC16F688,PIC16F689,PIC16F690 options in <2-MCU>-><MICROCHIP-PIC16F>

+ Add JIEFANG-J6-BCM option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><FAW> (Need to use with VVDI2)

+ Add FC-OPERATION-UNIT-W221 option in <8-OTHER>-><BENZ>


This is from original xhorse vvdi official site:Free Download V4.5.6 VVDI Prog Software (2017.03.21 Update)

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