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Interview Question & Answers for Software Testing 2017

posted by ryanjoseph on May 11, 2017
tags: software testing

1. Explain bug life cycle.

• When a tester finds a bug, the bug is assigned NEW or OPEN with status.

• The bug is assigned to Development Project Managers who will analyze the bug. They will check whether it is a valid defect. If not valid, the bug is rejected, and its new status is REJECTED. Software Testing Training in Chennai

• Now, the tester checks whether the similar defect was raised earlier. If yes, the defect is assigned a status ‘DUPLICATE’

• Once the bug is fixed, the defect is assigned a status ‘FIXED’

• Next the tester will re-test the code. In case, the test case passes, the defect is CLOSED

• If test case fails again, the bug is RE-OPENED and assigned to the developer.

Software TestingInterview Questions & AnswersSoftware Testing Training in Chennai

2. What is elementary process?

Software applications are made up of several elementary processes. There are two types of elementary processes:

– Dynamic elementary Process: The dynamic elementary involves process of moving data from one location to another. The location can be either within the application or outside it. Software Testing Training in Chennai– Static elementary Process: It involves maintaining the data of the application.


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