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Old Age a Curse to Live With

Old Age a Curse to Live With

The Curse of Old Age:

In this mighty world everyone wants to live longer and happier, exception would be there with only a few, those who are in suffering would have other opinion, else everyone would have the same opinion, but, irony to this is that no one wants to grow old. As old age is considered as age of diseases, suffering and seen as an undesirable, problem-ridden phase of life, until the final exit visas are stamped from life itself.

In this modern age when people are busy with their fast pace of life, no one has the time and willingness to care for those who aren’t capable to match with same fast pace of life and it seems that old age cuts down the pace of life, hence old age is seen as a fearful phase of life. It seems to increase as each day passes and the world become more complex and less comprehensible.​

In the good olden days, life was much simpler and values were counted for more and those who reached the retirement age had an enviable place in society where they could really relax and enjoy their twilight years, secure in the knowledge that they still commanded attention, respect, affection and lives a happy peaceful life with their loved ones, but now the situation has changes so much, so that the old people are left out in the fast phase of life.

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