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quality and service is very good composite deck

posted by qizhen0809 on Jun 04, 2017
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quality and service is very good composite deck

PVC board should be smooth and smooth, without cracks, uniform color, uniform thickness, edge flat, no debris and bubbles inside the board, and meet the technical indicators of the product. 3, PVC Board four angle should be complete founder, should not be missing edges, geometric size of the allowable error, pinch length 0.5mm, long (wide) + 0.13MM, bevel angle is 0.25mm.

PVC plate should be stored in clean and dry, ventilated warehouse, prevent deformation, heat source should be 3M at the distance, the temperature should not exceed 32 DEG C, 5 binder should be strictly according to the proportion of modulation, and stored in plastic barrel, sealed, the use should be fully stirred can be used, such as for a two-component binder first, the components are evenly stirred,

then according to the provisions of the ratio of accurate weighing, then mixed evenly after use. 6, do not use the binder, open the lid to prevent cutting density, solvent evaporation, use each removal volume should not be too much control in general use 2-4 hours. Two, installation tool 1, binder: Special State Shield 550 conductive glue, glue, or Jijia 27 fill defects: three the putty and hardener. 2, construction tools: blade, knife, scraper, tape, steel, paint brushes, ink fountain,

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