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What are the best methods for rapidly prototyping products as a startup?

Use the tools you are best at to create something visual. Without a picture, communicating your vision will be next to impossible... and it's absolutely essential that you share that vision with those you hope to fund your idea, build your idea, protect your idea, etc. 3d printing prototyping service anad gyjarat - fdm technology


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Once you have your visual/picture that is easy to communicate to whomever you decide, that decision is next. Find people you can trust with everything. Not just a piece of your idea, but the whole meal deal. Obviously you don't give them the whole meal deal - but that is the level you want to target your confidential material for. If you are looking to build a business around your product, put your protective measures in place before you begin modeling your product. Modeling is where you can make or break your entire future. If the wrong people get a hold of your model in conception or production, you're done. Protective measures are best outlined (again for others to understand) in a business plan. After all this is finished, you ought to invest in an industrial designer. Find someone with experience to help you engineer your product before it gets to the expensive prototyping phase. The industrial designer will provide you with strong 3D models. These models can be rendered for production and even marketing purposes.

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