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Software Testing Classes in Pune-Codekul

Make your carrier bright by joining codekul. We provide software testing classes in pune from last 5 year. We provide guaranteed placement not just certification. Call to join...

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Interview Questions & Answer for Software Testing

1. How much testing in enough?

 Ans: The answer based on the risk for your industry,contract and special requirements.

 2. What are semi-random test cases?

Ans: Semi-random test cases are nothing but when we perform random test cases and     do equivalence partitioning to those test cases, it removes redundant test cases,   thus giving us semi-random test cases.

3. What is black box testing? What are the different black box testing techniques?

Ans: Black box testing is the software testing method which is used to test the software      without knowing the internal structure of code or program. This testing is usually   done to check the functionality of an application. lvMeuqAlgEO5

4. A number of critical bugs are fixed in software. All the bugs are in one module,   related to reports. The test manager decides to do regression testing only on the reports module.

Ans: Regression testing should be done on other modules as well because fixing one    module may affect other modules


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Scope of Software Testing

What is software Testing?

Software testing is a procedure of executing a program or application with the goal of finding the product bugs.  It can likewise be expressed as the way validating and verifying that a software program or application or product. Software testing includes the execution of a product part or framework segment to assess at least one properties of interest.

Scope of Software Testers in India 

Testing has ended up masterpiece for a few application/product executions and business has understood the significance of organized testing of applications before discharge. So, the demand for the software testers will be increasing in the future. So it’s right-time to join Software Testing Training in Chennai.

Besant Technologies is the Top IT Training Institute in Chennai which provides best Software Testing Training from real-time trainers in low cost. Our Trainer’s having more than 10+ years’ experience and currently working in MNC’s. For student facility, our insti

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Nexiilabs test automation significantly impacts business outcomes.

Nexiilabs is a fast growing organization in the field of Test Automation service & Quality engineering ,with expertise in Storage Services & DevOps solution. We work closely with our customers to provide solutions based on their need and budget.

Nexiilabs Official Website  :   Nexiilabs Phone number     : INDIA: +914048480048 | USA: 781-783-1161Nexiilabs Official Email ID: sales@nexiilabs.comNexiilabs Address               : Unit No: 01-08,1st Floor,                                              Block-B,Cyber Pearl,                                               Madhapur, Hyderabad,                                              AP, Pin: 500 081.India

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Web Service Testing a Blackjack GUI and API

I enjoy finding real-life examples of stuff to run on-line, then trying to figure out how to implement them as web services.   Today, let’s try to do this with a blackjack API.  To make this a web service problem, let’s have a second program which is a GUI interface to this API, like a skin, that can be marketed through your personal website.  This is not the ideal to program this; we’re only doing this as a web service testing example.Usually, I begin these articles by asking what the input and output “variables” are, but not this time.  Why?  Because the arguments are going to vary, because the commands are going to vary.  So let’s try to figure out what kinds of commands are going to be issued, before we figure out how to handle them.  And let’s simplify this by making this a game, not actual gambling, so that a high level of security and regulation does not enter the picture.  We’re just playing a game, where there are no real wins or losses to cause actual financial impact. Read m

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The Easiest Selenium Test Automation Builder | Scriptless test

Qualitia Software is an independent software test automation product company based in Pune, India. The company's mandate is to help enterprises achieve their Software Quality Assurance goals by making “Test Automation” Fast, Reliable and Easy. Our award-winning Test Automation solution empowers software development teams to release the Software applications on TIME, in BUDGET and with BEST possible TEST COVERAGE.
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