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How To Become An Overnight Glamour Puss

As you will know if you’re over sixty, the lips lose definition, the eyebrows become sparse, the eyes look smaller and our confidence corkscrews. Well, listen up soon to be glamour pusses, I’ve found a hassle free alternative to applying eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lip-liner every day. It’s called micro-pigmentation cosmetic tattooing. And at seventy, I’m loving it. In my twenties, I had electrolysis done on my eyebrows and went too far because I ended up with puny strands of hair. I filled in the blanks every day but it really got on my nerves as the years rolled by. Whenever I went swimming my eyeliner ran. Studying my lips in the mirror a while ago, I noticed that the left side of my mouth looked thinner than the right. I thought ‘I’m not having this. Follow Stella Ralfini on Twitter: ralfini Original article by Stella Ralfini Mature Beauty Minx from :

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Finding Tattoo Ideas for Men – How Internet Can Help You

posted by hiralove on Jan 01, 2017
tags: art design tattoos

Fashion, style and trends are considered as an essential part of modern life. Whether you live in a western country or in a far from Asian country, you always want to be stylish, fashionable and attractive. If this is the case, you need to look nowhere else but tattoo designs in vogue.

You need to choose tattoos that can help you adorning more attractiveness. You can be more stylish and attractive if you could get certain tattoo designed on a certain body part. However, the beauty of a tattoo lies in the type of design you choose.

This might be a reason why tattoo lovers are always looking for new designs. Now, the question arises here where to look for new tattoo ideas for men? The simplest answer to this most asked and discussed question is the internet. Yes, with the help of internet, you can easily know about latest trends in tattoo arena.

Let’s find out how you can choose appropriate tattoos for yourself with -

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Jabber Session: The First Vegas All-Star Game

posted by WayneGresham on Nov 05, 2015
tags: tattoos

In each game, All-Star Games have since a long time ago outlasted their helpfulness. Need confirmation? Do you think the b-ball world is swirling in light of the fact that its constituents are excited to be playing the NBA All-Star Game in the Thomas and Mack Center on the grounds of UNLV? Does the drinking water at that venue taste especially great there? Uh, no.


The NBA is moving in the boulevards on the grounds that its stars and its superstar holders on get the chance to rub elbows in a city where sin is the standard. Since the greater part of these multimillionaires effectively experience their lives decorated by garish gems, odd tattoos, super genius tattoo $10,000 shades, no-limit containers of Kristal, and hot-and-frosty running ladies, this equitable implies that these folks can at last debase in a city that mirrors their actual qualities. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, with the exception of when a NBA player clears out. At that point it goes around with him like a

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