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4 ways to keep your phone charged in a black out

A smart phone is more like a life support for everyone. Daily routine, Google, health tips, and work management, everything is dependent on this small device. But even this source can go useless when it is out of power. Yes, there can be chances when the lights of the area go out, and your phone is left without battery.  If you are stuck in any such situation, there are still a few ways to get out of it.

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Most Recognized Asus parts Canada store

All our parts are made up of high quality material and come with a pocket friendly price. Esource Parts is the most recognized Asus parts Canada store that have carved out a niche place for itself due to its wide range of product variety, high quality and affordable price.

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One Plus Spare Parts – Cost of Transportation

posted by RoyJones on Apr 19, 2017
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We so feel that when you are placing an order of oneplus spare parts the price seems to the relatively high.  Well, genuine parts and accessories are indeed expensive.  However, on a practical side if you do not get the required one plus spare parts you will not be able to use your mobile as before or it should be put out of use, which is not a good thing.

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4 ways to promote your brand on social media

For today's business, only a retail shop is not enough, the user base nowadays is quite high-tech and you really need to be smart for remaining in the high-end competition. Whether you are selling a product or a service, or it’s just a blog, it needs to be put in front of the customers. Here, we are going to discuss, why you need to get rid of the traditional method of marketing and how it can be done.

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5 Android Apps You Must Have

The play store is filled with numerous Android apps, and we utilize these apps for entertainment, security, information, productivity, functionality, and so on. However, not all of them are good; just a few live by the expectations of the users. As per many Sony cell phone parts and Sony accessories Canada dealers, we utilize around 20 to 30 applications on our smartphones. Users can choose applications from prominent platforms as per their requirement.

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Best HTC Phone Repair Services

Your HTC phone is not working properly and you you would feel cut- off from the outside world if your phone is not functioning properly. You searching the best HTC phone repair services at the most reasonable price?

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4 Signs Your Cell phone needs Attention

Cell phone owners tend to ignore the existing phone issues until the time it is totally worn out. Let us tell you that this is no saving, instead, you are putting yourself in a greater menace. According to the sony accessories Canada providers, those who listen to the cell phone issues in the first instance are rather smart users and only this step saves them a lot of bucks. There is no denying that cell phone issues are frustrating, barring the customers from the smooth function. Yet, there is nothing to worry as just like any other issue your cell phone issues can also be cured.

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Nokia returns to challenge Samsung and Apple

Three new Nokia phone recently hit the market, and we are surprised with speed, Nokia is set to hit the market. No wonder why Apple and Samsung should be worried. HMD Global, the Finish Start-up is taking advantage of the likes of Apple and Samsung phones. No doubt, Nokia was the company that brought smart phones in its best possible way to the market.

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How to protect your phone screen with Glass Screen Protectors

You have witnessed that our smart phone have been growing like never before and with such big sizes, it's not a wonder why they fall so often. Even though the companies, take all the possible efforts to keep the phones scratch free, forceful bumps can hardly prevent yours from breaking. In that case, you require a concrete solution that could prevent your phone from breaking. Here we have enlisted the best possible means to protect your phone from scratches. 

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How to make your smart phone battery last longer

When we compare phones from back days to new age ones, there is one thing that we miss – the charge capacity. In the early days, phones used to work for at least two days, but now, it's hard to run it for even one day. However, one thing is for sure that phones nowadays function better than earlier ones;it’s just that they run away from the charge due to extra usage. Today, we are going to discuss the same concern of the users and will show some quick way to make your phone run for a long time.

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