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Interview Questions

posted by alberthandsome on Feb 06, 2017
tags: Interview Questions

1. What is Python? State some programming language features of Python.What is Python? - Python is a modern powerful interpreted language with objects, modules, threads, exceptions, and automatic memory managements......

2. Explain how python is interpretedHow python is interpreted - Python program runs directly from the source code. Each type Python programs are executed code is required.......3. What are the rules for local and global variables in Python?Local and global variables - If a variable is defined outside function then it is implicitly global. If variable is assigned new value inside the function means it is local.......4. What will be the output of the code below? Explain your answer.def extendList(val, list=[]):    list.append(val)    return listlist1 = extendList(10)list2 = extendList(123,[])list3 = extendList('a')print "list1 = %s" % list1print "list2 = %s" % list2print "list3 = %s" % list3

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Will SEO Helps Your Business

posted by alberthandsome on Feb 05, 2017
tags: Will SEO Helps Your Business

Why SEO?In recent year there is millions of business website present on the internet and also that quantity is rising every minute. Nearly 90% of people use search engines to buy any product or to search any kind of info on the internet. Suppose if you are planning to promote your website for gain more ROI then your website must rank in top 10 results in the search engine result page. For that purpose most of the companies use SEO concepts to improve organic site ranking. 

 How Besant Technologies supports your business?Besant Technologies knows the value of your business. So we are helping you to develop your business by using the SEO techniques. We are the best SEO Training in Chennai. We have lots of ideas, techniques, and algorithms to support your site as google friendly. We Besant Technologies in Chennai offers best software training and placement in evergreen technologies like Database Developer Training, DBA Training, BI & Data Warehousing Training, Web Designing Training, Jav

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Simple guide to install wordpress

posted by alberthandsome on Feb 03, 2017
tags: Simple Guide to Install Wordpress

WordPress is a open source content management system (CMS). We can easily create the website or blog using WordPress. It has more than 10,000 Free & Premium templates. Premium WordPress themes that are professional and easy to use.WordPress themes with modern features and professional support. WordPress themes developed based on PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery & MYSQL Database.WordPress installation process (online)

Before you begin the install, there are a few things you need to have and do.These are:Hosting server via FTP or cpanel.

Advantages of taking wordpress at Besant Technologieswe are taking this wordpress training with basic and advance concepts. We are the best training institute in chennai. We are having the training professionals with more than 10+ years experience.We Besant Technologies in Chennai offers best software training and placement in evergreen technologies like Database Developer Training, DBA Training, BI & Data Warehousing Training, Web Designing Traini

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Top 2 Programming Language

posted by alberthandsome on Feb 02, 2017
tags: Top 2 Programming Language

Besant Technologies.In this blog we cover Top 10 In demand programming languages in 2017 that will not only get you jobs but also some handsome pay checks.

Pega: Pega systems specialise in developing customer relation management systems and business process management. Since year 2010, there has been a tremendous boost in its use worldwide. In 2015 its CRM was named as one of the largest CRM in the market. This CRM ranks alongside heavy giants like Salesforce, SRP and Oracle. The demand for skilled programmers who can operate Pega with flair is high in the market. With Cloud computing taking over and big data occupying such an important place, Pega is an excellent programming skill to have in your resume.Java: Java is an open source language that is maintained by Oracle corporations. The best part about this language is that it can run on any device. This is the reason why this language is used for all kinds of computer programing, App developments & Smart TV’s. This language is in

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Evolution of Mobile Computing in last 8 years

Android Android is the one type of operating system and released in November 2007.It is developed by Google and having many version from Android 1.0(Cupcake) to Android 6.0(Marshmallow).For each and every version they are updating different type of features. Android user interface is mainly deals with the direct touch and it’s related to the real world scenarios. Uses Now a day’s people are more handling the smartphones. They using the many of the application in android like Google for search anything, Google maps, etc., Advantages: Some Advantages of Android are listed below:
  • External Storage
  • Language Support
  • Video Calling
  • Accessibility.
How Besant Technologies helping for students to get the placement? We are taking the training in real time scenarios. The training People having more than 10+ years of experience in this field. We are giving the placement assistance to all the people. Training is related to interview point of view.After completing Android Trai continue reading
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Overview of Mobile Application Development

IntroductionThe process developing applications for mobiles is known as Mobile application development. Some applications are installed during manufacturing of mobiles and they also give option to the user to install the applications through the internet. The mobile user interface design plays an important role in the creation of Mobile application development.Types of mobile application developmentNative appsMobile web appsHybrid web appsNative appsThe apps that are available in home screen of the devices are known as Native apps. They are installed through application store. These apps use notification of device and they work without the usage of internetMobile web appsThese are the applications that can be used only with the use of internetHybrid web appsThese are the apps that are partly mobile web apps and partly native apps. Like native apps they use the feature of device and like mobile web apps they rely on HTMLTechnologies used for mobile application development.

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Highlights and Specifications

posted by alberthandsome on Jan 30, 2017
tags: Highlights and Specifications

Android is an effective Operating System supporting countless in Smart Phones. These applications make life more agreeable and progressed for the clients. Fittings that bolster Android are fundamentally in view of ARM design stage. A portion of the present elements and determinations of android are:Android accompanies an Android market which is an online programming store. It was produced by Google. It permits Android clients to choose, and download applications created by outsider engineers and utilize them. There are around 2.0 lack+ amusements, application and gadgets accessible available for clients.


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To Make Learning Android Development Easier

1. Do your groundworkOne thing that those trawling through quick and dirty web tutorials miss entirely is that in order to develop Android apps, you don’t learn “Android” itself. It is an operating system and a platform, that is to say it is a collection of languages and tools that all work together. To illustrate, in your average app development project you’re looking at:Programming Logic (Java)UI components (XML and Java)Data storage (SQLite, HTTP)Connectivity (HTTP, XML-RPC)Compiling (Gradle, ANT)..and some others that I’ve probably missed, so you need to do some homework – just knowing Java is not enough. However learning to code in Java by making an Android app is not advisable because you’re going to encounter issues that have nothing to do with the Java code that you’ve just written. Instead, break it down:

Our Android Training in Chennai aims to teach beginners and employees. Android is the fastest growing smart phone OS in the world today. Currently, Android has a market shar continue reading
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A Hot Career Option :Android App Development

The Android OS is truly utilizing its muscles in the mobile domain and it won't not be right to state that employments for Android application improvement may even outperform the Apple advertise. The Android applications stage guarantees immeasurable occupation potential in the present IT field. This is bound to the versatile application improvement, as well as has degree in equipment arrangements like Android customisation or enhancement, gadget drivers, and so on.

Our Training Institute is a private training company with a specialist focus on providing exceptional career-oriented training courses and support services for professional knowledge workers in the corporate-facing world.


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Why Beacons Are Gaining Popularity In Today's Market

The mobile world is consistently evolving with latest technologies and trends. The inception of the technology like beacons has overhauled the way a business can be done. Wireless technologies can help businesses escalate employees' productivity by using a powerful Wi-Fi network or by integrating a beacon to dramatically increase profits.

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