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Tokyo MK Taxi: Benefits of Choosing Our Service

Many people nowadays are opting for private airport transfers due to so many benefits.  Of course, you have plenty of options whether you are flying into or out of the city or just looking for a way to get around town. You can either drive yourself using a rented car or you can wait in a long line for a taxi. However, none of those options are hassle-free. Consider the many benefits of private airport transfers that you might be unaware of.


  • Fuel cost
  • No waiting in queues for taxis
  • You have an experienced driver
  • No too much paper works
  • You can rest and relax from the back seat
  • No issue when it comes to interaction


The number priority of chauffeurs is to let you arrive to your destination safely. Tokyo MK Taxi, a leading providing of airport transfer service in Japan will make sure that you receive the best possible customer service and a hassle free transfers to and from the airport. Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts’ luxurious fleet to give you the so

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Investing Review: What Should You Invest In?

posted by annbell1993 on Feb 09, 2017
tags: investment tips investing review

Stocks, bonds, bank accounts or IRAs? How do you choose?


With several types of investments to choose from and also thousands of sub-categories under them, finding the most suitable investment choice can be a daunting task.


Short-term savings vehicles

Long-term investing vehicles

Retirement plans

Investing in stocks

Common stock

Different types of stock

What happens from now on?

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Security and Risk Online: E-payments: Cyber-criminals put financial operators on their toes

The challenge of fraud in electronic transactions remains one enduring source of concern for stakeholders in the financial sector. As the e-platforms grow, the potential risks equally skyrocket requiring a more proactive approach in nipping the trends in the bud.

This advancement has come with its challenges and risks as internet fraudsters took advantage of the technology loopholes to defraud unsuspecting customers of their hard earned money. Blocking these loopholes has been the major headache of stakeholders due to the growing e-payment channels and as transactions through such means grow.

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GAC Group Singapore R&D International Consulting: Innovation News

Below, you will find out about opportunities to improve your savings and results and receive a few of our tips to finance your innovation.


We wish you a pleasant reading!


Did you know that companies can combine for YA 2013 to YA 2015 the yearly cap for each qualifying activity at S$ 400k? Companies are allowed to claim up to S$ 1,2M of eligible expenses for each qualifying activity by combining the three Years of Assessment. For example, if you haven’t claimed R&D costs in YA 2013 and YA 2014, you can claim up to S$ 1,2M of R&D costs in YA 2015. Do not miss this opportunity to optimize your savings!


Top 20 Hottest Startups



Released in the Singapore Business Review, the Singapore's Hottest Startups 2015 awards the most innovative startups in the country. Five of our clients are ranked in this top 20! This shows the strong links between GAC and the technology-oriented startups ecosystem of Singapore. We help innovative companies finance their technical projects by c

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Tokyo MK Taxi Group Transfer Services - Shiga MK What's New

posted by annbell1993 on Dec 12, 2016
tags: Tokyo MK Taxi Group Transfer Services


Booking Information


Direct chartered at affordable prices! Airport transfer fixed taxi

Shiga - Itami · Kanagawa · Centrair Please leave pickups! Easy by smart delivery!


Taxi order


Approximately 21% more than others! Even in the daytime and early morning, the cheapest thing in Shiga is MK taxi.

Please also try relaxed Estima HV.

077- 526 -4141 (Yoiyoi)

We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.


Charges for charter sightseeing


Why not check out historic Komei Road? Recommended for entertaining and private.

* Reserved reservation is required for private use.


We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.


A convenient way of riding a MK taxi


MK smart car delivery


Easy order from Sumaho App! Because you do not need to talk, you can order from the conference or from the train.


Automatic reception! Yobaru-kun


Your home / shops etc. "From now to the usual place 1 unit"! Because it is an automatic response,

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