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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Island Hotels – What To Do

To some, Galveston will always be an island defined by its storied past, its 19th-century elegance, big-city ambitions, notorious seaport and even more notorious storms. But visitors to the island these days might be forgiven for thinking they’ve happened upon a new golden age, one even more glorious than the last.

From world-class museums to brand-spanking-new cruise ships, from the explosion in entertainment and dining options to the ever-growing number of places to stay, shop, and explore, this is not your grandfather’s Galveston – or your father’s, for that matter. Except that it is.

The atmosphere is still as warm and friendly as the breezes. The beaches – as beautiful and inviting as they’ve ever been- still go on forever. It’s Galveston as you always knew it, and always knew it could be.

Fortunately, the island offers a wide variety of accommodations, from swanky resorts and beach houses to budget-conscious lodging and cozy bed-and-breakfasts. Choosing the place that’s righ

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A shoe e-retailer takes steps to improve its fraud detection by Online Security

Fast-growing Schutz Shoes upgrades its fraud detection software to slash manual reviews and improve order processing.


Online orders were flowing into shoe e-retailer Schutz Shoes, the U.S. division of Brazilian-based shoe retailer Arezzo & Co., but the small team spent an increasing amount of time checking whether an order was fraudulent. When one employee on a staff of seven has to manually review the legitimacy of an online order, that’s time away from customers and other business, says Kimberly Gort, e-commerce manager for Schutz.



Schutz Shoes started selling online in 2014 operating its e-commerce site in the basement of its New York City store. That first year, Schutz had about $350,000 in online sales. In 2015, about half of its product catalog was available online and sales grew to $1.5 million. Now, with all of its products available online, Schutz Shoes projects about $3 million in online sales for 2016, Gort says. The retailer also opened a store in Los Angeles.

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Apple urges iPhone users to update after powerful cyberweapon is found by Online Security

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple on Friday urged iPhone owners to install a security update after a sophisticated attack on an Emirati dissident exposed vulnerabilities targeted by malware dealers.

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Bricon Associates Pte Ltd - Health Insurance


Health Coverage from:

AXA Health Insurance


Raffles Health Insurance

Health insurance is a true necessity in today’s modern world. If you’re worried about the cost of health insurance then there are a number of schemes designed to help you pay. It’s a lot cheaper than the costs you can accrue when you don’t have health insurance. Our health insurers are Raffles Health Insurance and AXA. With these we offer a broad range of healthcare policies.


Health insurance covers medical costs, dental bills, and covers you in case of accidents and things of that nature. How much your health insurance costs depends on things like pre-existing conditions but, if you have pre-existing conditions, it becomes all the more important for you to pick up health insurance today.

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SC Advisors Real Estate Development Owner’s Representation














Over the past 30 years our team has been committed to serving Principals and Owners in all types of real estate projects and transactions. Founded in 2005, SC Advisors has continued to build on that commitment to serve with a singular objective to understand and deliver for our clients. We are recognized for our rich history of signature projects and our ability to create and execute complex development plans and assignments. Our company's core disciplines include:

+ Owner's Representation (Development)

+ Owner's Representation (Design/Build)

+ Public/Private Development

+ Acquisition & Disposition

+ Investment/Trust Advisement



545 Delaney Avenue, Building 3 || Orlando, FL  32801 || 407-447-2620

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