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ground using wood flooring as a decorative

posted by liuyi on Jun 21, 2017

more submitted to the content of their original work in the original post posts posted reply to the system to display personal works, after the judges After the group is initially screened, it will meet the requirements of the material release event on the page. Second, the work requirements: (1) each participant to submit at least 3 photos;outdoor fence materials for construction

(2) entries for the real photo, the ground using wood flooring as a decorative material; (3) photos require about 1/3 of the floor screen; 4) highlight the effect of the floor and the home environment; (5) to submit the work must be explained (the description includes: community name, decoration time, works).villa garden deck

Third, the selection method: 1, the selection criteria: (1) upload the picture to meet the requirements for the selection of one of the conditions; (2) expert judges selected results accounted for 80% of the overall score, works click rate of 20% (3) According to the comprehensive scor

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the wood flooring stores are selling

posted by liuyi on Jun 20, 2017

With the unique price advantage, imitation wood flooring has become a new hot spot in the market consumption. A strong evidence is that the current building materials market floor area 2/3 of the wood flooring stores are selling imitation wood flooring. With the arrival of 2007, imitation wood flooring market to become the main battle for the enterprise positions,manufacturers of wood flooring plastic

and after a time test, 12 mm imitation wood flooring has become a new hot spot in the market. Rhodium sun just introduced a new product, for example, due to the use of 3mm ecological fiber mute layer, can be sucked into the sound waves in the air in the air, and the friction between the floor substrate, through the role of viscous, For the heat and consumption, to mute the effect.villa garden deck

This quiet layer not only to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the room, but also to solve the traditional 8 mm reinforced wood flooring due to the thinner, and the resulting lack of flexibility,

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the floor is the national standard plate

posted by liuyi on Jun 04, 2017

in fact, very particular about the general, the width of 90mm above the thickness of 18mm or more, the length of 600mm above the floor is the national standard plate, To the non-standard board; through the B-plate repair, coloring, you can let the layman looks like A-board, which is characterized by deep color, texture is not clear, paint cracking will occur in the pavement after six months,wooden flooring blended with bamboo powder thermoplastics

this Is the so-called color plate, the purpose is to cover the inherent flaws of the plate, confuse the floor level, earn high difference. The size of the scope of the non-standard plate and the color plate, such as the price and the normal board and the choice of the price of the board, harm consumers, from a harmonious society such a point of view,cheap wpc floor

is a business operator immoral , From the point of view of commercial regulations is a kind of fraud. Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, lost the quality of what is white

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also refused to make any comments

posted by liuyi on Jun 01, 2017

do not know the relevant departments involved in the investigation of CCTV; CCTV discipline inspection department in the reporter's connection, suddenly said they refused Interviewed by the media, the media had previously quoted them to report their views also refused to make any comments; CCTV Supervision Department for Li Yong incident also refused to make any statement to respond,teak marine boat deck bevel

do not want to disclose whether the host of business activities in the CCTV are restrictive. CCTV host in charge of the work of the cadres told reporters that the current refusal to accept the media interview. If there is a need for the media announced, they will be through a special press release channel released.villa garden deck

Only one day apart, Li Yong end of the door why the parties suddenly why the collective silence, Li Yong is really "wind against the crime"? CCTV will be how to deal with? Journalists will continue to pay attention. Industry News: Shenzhen flooring i

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platform bahan binaan rangkaian

posted by liuyi on Apr 25, 2017

tetapi untuk berbuat kuat, Tenaga utama ke sendiri pembinaan sistem pengurusan perusahaan dan peringkat operasi untuk meningkatkan up. Di matanya, pada tahun 2007 tidak sabar untuk pasaran panas, sabar untuk perniagaan mereka sendiri dilakukan yang kuat. Takut pertama: secara membuta tuli optimistik mengenai pembangunan peluang untuk membina bangunan melalui platform bahan binaan rangkaian,kayu dek plastik

yang merupakan industri rumah yang agak muda, format baru. Jadi ini industri rumah "rekrut" pada tahun 2007 yang paling takut apa? "Yang paling membuta tuli optimis tentang kehilangan masa terbaik untuk berkembang." CEO rumah Yi CEO sebagai wakil medan ini melahirkan pandangan ini. Rumah mudah untuk berdiri dalam perniagaan yang berkembang pesat,wpc floor malaysia

bagaimana persekitaran pasaran tidak adalah faktor utama yang menjejaskan pembangunan perusahaan, kerana format ini kini bahagian pasaran hanya jarang berlaku, pembangunan ruang masih sangat besar, Terdapat asas tertentu

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cultural and entertainment venues

posted by liuyi on Apr 17, 2017

corrosion resistance, weather resistance, anti-aging characteristics, and has a good decorative effect. "The fire retardant coating is a water-soluble intumescent fire retardant coating, safe non-toxic, non-irritating odor, no pollution, low cost, durability, fire resistance, easy construction, spray, roll, brush.adding more height to privacy fence

Civil construction, high-rise buildings, hotels, cultural and entertainment venues, ancient buildings, wood structure materials, fiberboard, particleboard and other flammable materials, play a role in fire protection. "It is worth mentioning that the development of Sinoma built nano compound Insect paint through contact insecticide,cheap wpc floor

rather than smell smoked to kill. The coating is the same as ordinary paint. Can spray, roll, brush construction, scrub resistance without affecting the insecticidal effect. Environmental insecticidal paint is a functional coating that has the ability to kill flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bugs

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products and mature production line

posted by liuyi on Apr 11, 2017

and unique, in the country enjoy a good reputation. To Jiufu blessing 80,000 cubic meters production line, for example, the overall level of comprehensive domestic technology leader, including control technology close to the international level. The international market demand for wood-based panel machinery market is relatively strong,cost of replacing floor of deck with synthetic

Su Fuma to take advantage of products and mature production line technology, make full use of developing countries is still in the development of wood-based panel development stage, build demonstration sites to enhance export capacity to ensure that products exported year after year Steady growth. 2005 Sufu Ma export amount of 50 million yuan,cheap wpc floor

is not over the years. In 2006 the entry into force of the contract, also more than 50 million yuan. Sufu Ma has two sets of particleboard production line delivery, there are six sets of secondary veneer production line exported to Europe, there are oth

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consumer trust solid wood flooring brand

posted by liuyi on Mar 20, 2017

center 2006 Xi'an best environment home stores: in the International Home Expo Center 2006 Xi'an consumer trust Of the home stores: B & Q, Daming Palace building materials home city, three sen home building materials city, Pearl home, Amrite home business center 2006 Xi'an most development potential home stores: Oriental home,diy decking pricing singapore

Zhongtian new century home two, decoration company 2006 Xi'an best decoration quality Brand: Long hair decoration 2006 Xi'an best interior design Brand: Dong Yi Risheng decoration 2006 Xi'an most development potential Brand: City people decoration 2006 Xi'an consumers trust home improvement Brand: peak light unlimited decoration Decoration,outdoor deck for sale

decoration, decoration, Star Art Decoration, Hansen decoration three, 2006 Xi'an consumer trust solid wood flooring brand: life home floor, large, decoration, decoration, decoration Natural floor, Anxin floor, birch forest floor, rich floor, than the Ka floor, rabbit floor, J

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prominent position of the exhibition hall

posted by liuyi on Mar 19, 2017

In our view, it also means that a decoration industry reshuffle, the pattern has been formed will be broken again. Large and medium-sized companies will strengthen the penetration of the small size of the market, and now occupy the small size of the mainstream market companies will also be tit for tat against each other.make a garden bench from decking boards

In this context, consumers will really benefit from it. Bathroom products big "thin" real estate implementation of the New Deal will make the future of the bathroom retail competition unprecedented intense. Conservative estimates, not too long At least 80% of the bathroom business to be this wave "washed away." Reporters found that many bathroomoutdoor deck for sale

operators have a small bathroom into the most prominent position of the exhibition hall. Kohler, American Standard, TOTO and other international predators said, to please small and medium-sized customers is the strategic focus of the bathroom business, small body bat

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distinguish the type of wood flooring

posted by liuyi on Mar 14, 2017

keep the air fresh is the first. In the pre-holiday cleaning, we should keep the indoor light and air circulation, as far as possible to open the windows and curtains, so that indoor light and air circulation. In addition, the air purifier on the fresh room air also has a very good effect. Floor waxing care bright as the new home area is the largest place was the floor.closeboard fence panel

Today, many families are covered with wooden floors. Clean wood flooring, not only to grasp the basic principles can not be washed with water, but also pay attention to distinguish the type of wood flooring. For example, to strengthen the cleaning of the wood floor is relatively simple, you can add a little water in the bucket filled with a special floor cleaning agent,outdoor deck for sale

and then immersed in the water mop, wring dry after the floor can be wiped. If you want to completely kill the bacteria on the floor, you can basically clean the wood floor, the surface of the floor spray a li

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