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Top 5 Trends in Internet of Things on 2017

Top 5 Trends in Internet of Things on 2017


Every user requires a single access point instead of multiple interfaces which are well connected, smart and fast. Almost every industry is investing in Internet of Things (IoT) recently.


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Keeping this in view, let’s discuss 5 topmost IOT trends to watch out for in year 2017:


  • Application Programming Interface (API’s)

  • Internet of Things Platforms

  • Security

  • Cognitive Computing

  • Blockchain

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Top 7 tips to Outsource your App Development Efficiently

Top 7 tips to Outsource your App Development Efficiently

As a business owner, you might be having a terrific product or service and want to create an App to engage your customers more or to increase your revenues. But size, budget, lack of tech team, etc. can be obstacles for your in-house App development.

The solution is, to outsource your App development to the right Mobile App development company to execute your business App idea.

Step – 1 Defining your requirements for App Development

Be as clear as possible as to what your requirements for your App are

  • Who is the target customer?

  • What is going to be the key feature?

  • Is the App going to be free or paid?

  • What will be the revenue generation model?

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Top 7 tips to Outsource your App Development Efficiently Latest Technology News


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Google Play Store gets a ‘Free App of the Week’ section

posted by moontechnolabscom on Mar 26, 2017
tags: google android play store app free app

Google Play Store gets a ‘Free App of the Week’ section

Google has now added a new section in its Play Store app marketplace. The new section is called the ‘Free app of the week’ and will now highlight one free app every week. One detail to note is that the new free apps section only appears the US storefront for now.As pointed out by Android Police, accessing the Free Apps section is fairly simple. If you are on your desktop, simply point your browser to the Google Play Store and then click on the Apps section. Once in there scroll down right to the very bottom (Yes, its an odd place to showcase something that’s up for free) to find the ‘free app section”.If you are on your smartphone, simply tap on the Play Store icon and then scroll down to the same section.

Source: Latest Technology News

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Tips for Entrepreneurs to avoid basic mistakes during App Development & Marketing

Tips for Entrepreneurs to avoid basic mistakes during App Development & Marketing

Mobile app Development is a trend now days. Having a dynamic app for your clients is quite a complex yet interesting process. The main aim of any successful app development company should be to focus on delivering user-friendly apps. App developers should keep in mind the target audience. With the market being open and friendly, App Entrepreneurs should know how to effectively develop and market it.

Few of the important things to be considered before starting mobile app development are:

  • Finding and carving various path to generate revenue

  • To be mindful of the investment it requires

  • Whether you want to develop free, paid, or both mode app

  • Define proper target audience

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iBeacon vs Eddystone – which is the best option for your Beacon Project?

iBeacon vs Eddystone

The emergence of futuristic technologies is blurring the fine lines between the real and the digital worlds. This is even more apparent in the business arena, where technology is being increasingly deployed to enhance customer interaction. One such revolutionizing concept that is creating waves recently is the Beacon Technology.

In simple words, Beacons are low-power transmitters that are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy. These devices are strategically placed in such a way that when a customer approaches them, they will receive appropriate notifications and messages. With this, the businesses can take benefit of the approaching shoppers, offer attractive notifications that may contain discounts or coupons. to convert them into customers.

At Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd, we are one of the leading iBeacon App Development companies in India. We have a robust team of iOS App Developer, and iBeacon App Development experts who are well experienced in developing Apps for various niches lik

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Android App Development Factors For 2017

Android, the child of Google, always has small or big updates to jiggle the industry. Get to know here about the factors likely to affect the Android App Development industry this year.

Android App Development Factors For 2017

  1. I am excited while writing on this point. The reason?

  2. Well, cloud finally got the attention and position that it deserved in this market.

  3. Small and medium-sized enterprises have gained a lot from cloud computing.

  4. Because cloud offers seamless integration and multi-device synchronization of apps the whole transition has been smooth especially from a business point of view.

  • Google’s Own Nougat
  • Big Data Applications
  • Location Based Applications
  • AR & VR

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Apple Vs Android - A comparative study 2017

Apple Vs Android -  A comparative study 2017

  • Worldwide Market Share in OS

Android OS, belonging to Google, is Linux-based and is partly an open source. Originally developed by Android Inc., the company was later acquired by Google in 2005. iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system. Android dominates the market with a whopping 87%, while iOS comes at a distant second at 12%.  

While Apple tended to dominate the market in the early stages, it is now clearly dominated by Android.

  • Applications - Apple Vs Android

When it comes to Android App development and iOS App development, there are few clear demarcations which make for obvious preferences.

Android App development is easy due to a deeper access to their OS, and high levels of customization are possible, whereas this is not the case with Apple App development.

Apple and Android, together dominate the market and are equally good in their own right. Choosing one over the other becomes a matter of personal preferences or by one that is governed by your business n

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Top 8 Collaboration Tools that Designers and Freelancers must check out

posted by moontechnolabscom on Feb 24, 2017
tags: Design tools designers. Freelancers

Top 8 Collaboration Tools that Designers and Freelancers must check out

The workplace in a modern Web Design Company like yours is a dynamic one with various teams working on different projects in different stages. Your design and development team may be made of technicians from various backgrounds and departments, who in turn can be either internal staff or external freelancers or employees who telecommute.

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This kind of situation may lead to frustrations arising out of delays in responding to queries, miscommunications, lack of unified understanding, etc.

Thankfully, various Online Collaboration Tools are available in the market that can simplify the life of your design team, and ensure that everyone is focused on achieving the same objective.

  1. Marvel

  2. Wake

  3. InVision

  4. Zeplin

  5. Active Collab

  6. Open Brand

  7. Paymo

  8. Viewflux

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Top 12 methods to increase User Engagement and Retention for your App

posted by moontechnolabscom on Feb 15, 2017
tags: App Mobile Android iOS Marketing Business

Engaging a Tech company’s mobile app development services or hire a mobile app developer, to design and develop an App for your business is not sufficient anymore.

Studies suggest that users abandon 20% of Apps after using them just once, and have an average of 30 apps on their device at any point. Hence, it is important to develop your App in an engaging way that also makes it align with your overall mobile app marketing and branding strategy.


Boost User Engagement for your App

The following methods will help to improve app engagement and retention.

  1. The first impression is the best impression
  2. Easy Onboarding
  3. Offer free trials
  4. App permission requests
  5. Speed and Performance

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Android’s Live Testing Apps by Google is a Next Step to Future

Android’s Live Testing Apps by Google

Google did marvelous job by introducing live testing of Google’s Instant apps. In the recent keynote at Google I/O, it introduced new services and tools, which will help organize life.

It lets you see the product at raw base and to make changes. Android Developers will be able to test run the apps without downloading them. With this move, Google claims that it will make easier for companies and Android Developers to administer the footprints.

Google has already started working on this function with some of the selected developers. They will include and involve more developers. Android App Development will see a new change, as they have to create modular apps. They will have to align with Google’s live testing Instant apps before it is launched in market.

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