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Tokyo MK Taxi - Plan uw eerste internationale reis

Als u van plan bent uw droomvakantie dan u bent waarschijnlijk het gevoel overweldigd en nu opgewonden. Echter, er zijn zoveel factoren die u overwegen eerste moet om je reis succesvol en onvergetelijk. Voordat iets anders, bepalen hoeveel geld bent u bereid te besteden voor uw reis. Natuurlijk zal reizen naar het buitenland zeker kost je mooie centen. Afgezien van de vlucht- en verblijfkosten, kunt u ook overwegen het geld je zal doorbrengen op voedingsmiddelen en diensten die u nodig tijdens uw verblijf in een vreemde stad.


Een van de dingen die vaak over het hoofd gezien zijn bij de planning van een reis is het transport over de weg. Rijden in een vreemde stad, kan misschien in een huurauto als u dit beslist, verhogen uw kansen om te verdwalen en voelen gefrustreerd. Terwijl er niets spannender dat wordt geleverd is met het verkennen van een nieuwe stad in een huurauto, als je alleen in de stad voor een paar dagen en uw bestemming lijsten vrij vol zijn, is het zinvol om te huren

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Online Security - What is Pharming and how can you Prevent this Online Fraud?

When we look around we are amazed at the speed with which the world is changing. Online fraud techniques such as Pharming and other cyber-crime attacks are at all time high. To overcome such challenges, we need to at least have some basic understanding of these terms. The intention of this informational document is to approach the problem with a solution.


What is Pharming


Pharming redirects Internet users from legitimate websites to malicious ones using a strategy called DNS Cache Poisoning – where corrupt data is inserted into the cache database of a DNS.


The attacker uses several ways to carry out pharming attacks, one of the most popular way is to modify the Host file. The Pharmer covertly hijacks your computer and takes you to a forged website. Your browser may display the legitimate URL, but you will not be on the legitimate server. This, in most cases, is a page that looks identical to that of your bank, financial institution or online shopping websites like, eBay, or

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Oakmere Wealth Management Advisors Foundation

posted by nathanblanch on Feb 02, 2017
tags: Oakmere Wealth Management Advisors

Founded in 1991, the Foundation is the charitable arm of the St. James's Place Wealth Management Group and has so far raised over £40 million to help make a significant difference to the lives of children and young people.Since inception the Foundation has funded hundreds of projects, which is owed to the tremendous commitment that the St. James's Place community show to the Foundation year after year.


The Foundation supports hundreds of charities under the following themes:


·         Cherishing the Children


·         Combating Cancer


·         Supporting Hospices


·         Our Fundraising:


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Online Security - Defend Yourself Against Identity Theft

What is identity theft?


Identity theft is the malicious use of someone else’s identity to gain a personal financial advantage. Armed with the person’s identifying information, an identity theft could do a number of things such as applying for a loan or commit any unlawful act using the other person’s identity.


Impact of becoming a victim of identity theft


When a person’s identity has been stolen, terrible financial implications will arise and it can be as devastating and unsettling as ever. We can’t initially spot when fraud has occurred because of the culprit, in most cases, is one step ahead of the victim. The identity thief can ruin their victim’s credit which will affect the victim from living their life considering that it would take years to regain financial health and restore a good credit history.

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