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How is a spring brake chamber measured?

posted by newtruckspring on Feb 27, 2017
tags: brake chamber

Common sizes of brake chambers include 16, 20, 24, 30 and 36. The size refers to the square inches of effective area in the chamber, therefore a size 30 brake chamber means there are 30 square inches inside. A size 3030 brake chamber has an outside diameter of 8 3/32 inches, according to Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine. The size of a brake chamber is important because it determines the brake adjustment limit.

Air brake chambers 3030 fill with air upon pushing the brake pedal, thereby activating pushrods that apply the brakes to the wheels. Adjustments need to be made with pushrods so that they do not exceed limits. If pushrods are over-adjusted, they can become damaged. These rods have indicators to ensure proper inspection of the air brakes. These devices should be inspected daily for wear, especially with companies that use air brakes on a regular basis. 

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Where Buy Cheapest Haldex or MGM Brake Chamber

posted by newtruckspring on Feb 23, 2017
tags: Brake Chamber
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Full Range and Cheapest Parabolic Leaf Springs

posted by newtruckspring on Feb 19, 2017
tags: Leaf Springs
What is a parabolic spring?

Basically a Parabolic Spring is a spring that consists of two or more leaves. The leaves touch only in the center, where they are fixed to the axle and at the outer ends, where they are fixed to the vehicle. In between those two points the leaves do not touch each other as they do with conventional leaf springs.

Each leaf represents a complete spring in it's self and will act as such. To enable this the leaf is tapered, from the center (thick) to the outer ends (thin). This tapering is parabolic, it means that every centimeter (or inch) the thickness of the leaf decreases in an amount that relates to the square function of it's length.

what is parabolic spring


Above: Tapering in an "ideal" mono leaf spring. You can see that one leaf has a similar shape as a multi-leaf spring.Below: You can see the tapering in the leaves of the spring. The leaves taper from the center till the end (eye) and are separated by distance blocs to prevent contact.


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Replacement Leaf springs are one of the many suspension parts

posted by newtruckspring on Feb 03, 2017
tags: Replacement Leaf springs

Replacement Leaf springs are one of the many suspension parts we specialize in. Since 2006 we have been selling and installing leaf springs for every type of truck, SUV, trailer and motorhome you can imagine. Your leaf springs are a very important part of your suspension and the ride quality you experience.

Over time, the steel in your leaf springs can fatigue or crack. This will cause you vehicle to sag lower than the original designed ride height. Worn leaf springs can also cause your truck to lean to one side. Replace your old leaf springs and get back your ride height and weight capacity. We stock OEM quality leaf springs from various manufacturers.

Steering repair and maintenance

Beyond providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride, these components help make sure your vehicle’s handling is secure. A properly maintained steering wheel and suspension system keep you in control of your vehicle. The suspension system, including your shock absorbers or struts, coil springs and linkage

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How To Replace Air Brake Chambers

posted by newtruckspring on Jan 24, 2017
tags: Air Brake Chambers

How To Replace Air Brake Chambers

1. CAGE SERVICE SPRING. Park your truck or trailer on a level surface, chock the wheels and apply the parking brake. Position a locking pliers against the mounting housing of the failed air chamber and securely clamp it on the pushrod to prevent movement. Release the parking brakes.

2. CAGE PARKING SPRING. Remove the caging tool, also called a T bolt, from the storage tube on the Brake chamber . Remove the plastic inspection plug from the front of the spring-brake’s dome, or pressure cap. 

3. REMOVE AIR HOSES. (This procedure is unnecessary if you’re simply installing a new service diaphragm or mounting housing.) Mark the hoses to ensure proper reassembly, then loosen and remove them. Often the hoses will have a swivel fitting at one end and a crimped-on pipe fitting at the other. Remove both hoses at their swivel fittings. If either of these fittings is permanently bonded with corrosion, however, cut and replace the attached hose.


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Replacement High Quality SAF HOLLAND Landing Gear

posted by newtruckspring on Jan 18, 2017
tags: SAF HOLLAND Landing Gear
Product functions:
  •  The device is used for semi-trailer landing gear and special trailers.
  •  It can lift and support the trailer when separated from the tractor.
  •  Used for all sorts of trucks securely working as hydraulic jacks.
  •  The quality is up to the standard of American ABS specification.
  •  Please adjust to slow speed when loading, high speed is forbidden, otherwise it may injure the landing gear.
Attention(outside landing gear):
  •  Only use low speed gear when the base ground raise the vehicle, high speed gear are not allowed to be used.
  •  Confirm the gear meshing completely when the handle is hung on the hook. Avoid the condition that the gear is in the neutral position when the handle hung within the hook.

 is suitable for the majority of applications in the trucking industry. The floating nut riser helps resist the stresses of dock walk found in some air suspensions.

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Adjusting a Bendix Air Governor

posted by newtruckspring on Jan 11, 2017
tags: Bendix Air Governor

djusting the Bendix D2 governor just takes a 7/16 wrench and a screwdriver. The unloading pressure for the typical air brake system is 120 psi but it can be higher up to 130 psi without a problem. Anywhere in the middle is good in my book. This is an easy adjustment as you can see in the video.

The adjustment is touchy and to increase unloading pressure you turn the screw clockwise and counter clockwise to reduce pressure. When the air breake valve compressor reaches it’s limit the governor is there to unload it preventing air pressure from building too high. For you seasoned mechanics this is very elementary information but for those who didn’t know how to make this adjustment then I hope this info helps.


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Why choose our 4X100 wheel spacers?

posted by newtruckspring on Jan 04, 2017
tags: wheel spaces

-Made of Aerospace grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Trailer parts-CNC Machined with 60 degree taper bulge seat lug nuts-Machine pressed high tensile, heat treated studs-Grade A lug nuts

Our premium quality adapters ensures durability and strength. Price is for a pair (2 pieces).All of our Wheel Spacers and Adapters are made from the highest quality Aerospace grade 6061 – T6 aluminum. Whether  you’re looking to eliminate rubbing, increase turning radius, add spacing for brake clearance, change bolt pattern to fit any wheels, or just want that flush and aggressive stance, our wheel spacers are what you are looking for! Installation is as simple as changing a tire! Our kits come with all accessories needed for full installation. Each of our High Quality kits come with Spacers/Adapters, machine pressed high tensile heat treated studs, and grade A lug nuts. Unlike some of our competitors, we only use machined 60 degree taper bulge seat lug nuts for complete lug centric centering for your security


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How Long Will U Leaf Springs Last?

posted by newtruckspring on Dec 27, 2016
tags: Leaf Springs
Unlike the oil change, there aren’t a set number of miles that one’s truck needs to reach before needing to replace the leaf springs. The life span of leaf springs usually will depend on the wear and tear. In truth, some trucks never need to have their leaf springs replaced while others will wear out muck quicker. The leaf springs that hardly ever need replacing will most likely be the trucks for casual use. Heavy equipment like farm vehicles, snow plows, and recreational vehicles are going to be the kind leaf springs that need frequent replacement. Again, this depends on the type of task and even still, it is difficult to determine exactly when one should replace the leaf springs on their work equipment. However, there are some tell tale signs that your vehicle will give you to let you know that it might be needing a leaf spring replacement. continue reading
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What to know When Replace Your Ford F250 Truck Leaf Springs

posted by newtruckspring on Dec 26, 2016
tags: leaf spring

Not every Ford truck is built the same, you know that, but did you know that even on the same model Ford Truck you can have many different load capacities for your leaf springs? Not everyone uses his or her truck the same way. So it’s important to know what the capacity of your truck’s leaf springs are before you start to load your truck bed. By taking this precaution, you can avoid overloading your leaf springs and causing major damage to your truck.

For Leaf Spring Fit Truck Category Matters

At New Truck Spring, we realize that the fit of the leaf spring depends on the truck, so we carry leaf springs for many of the different varieties of Ford trucks. We can supply leaf springs for the F100, F150, F250, F350, F450, F550, Ranger, Bronco, Bronco II, Excursion, Explorer, Mountaineer, and Navajo.

However, even within some of these varieties, the model year of the truck can make a big difference. For instance, the F350 has had four different leaf springs sizes over the years. The sprin

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