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4 Most Time-tested Tips To Hire A Website Development Company

If you are from a non-technical background and do not have any idea about design or programming, having your business website developed by real experts can be a daunting task. It is principally because your knowledge about web development is not sufficient to judge the expertise and skill set of developers and designers. There are practically countless services and individual developers and designers offering you to judge their credibility, expertise, experience and skills in technical jargons. Most of the times, feeling it more like groping in darkness you end up choosing a underperformer and least equipped team of developers. It is needless to say, a website developed without sufficient expertise experience and skill set is just a waste of time and effort. To help you facing such situation, we are going to introduce here some of the most time tested tips when hiring a website development company.

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A Guide on How to Choose The Right Game Development Company

Hire Game Development Company

Have you ever had an exceptional thought of a mobile game which can be as widely accepted and successful as Candy Crush or Angry Birds? We often get these amazing ideas but don’t know how to put wings on those ideas in order to make a product that is loved by all. To accomplish that goal, we need a team that helps us in each and every step right from the planning to the execution to the testing of the game. Here are some tips for you to choose the right mobile game development company that would help you achieve your goal.

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5 Golden Rules for a Good Website Design

posted by nimblechapps on Jan 30, 2017
tags: Web Design Web Development

Rules for a Good Website Design

A well designed website can be a great sales tool for small businesses. Many small companies don’t realize the importance of a user-friendly website. It’s crucial for small businesses to keep up with shifts in consumer behaviour and developments on the technology front. There’s a lot to consider when building a website, but here are a few of the golden rules of good web design every website development company should follow.

1. Mobile friendly

Darshan Patel is a Lead SEO Analyst & Storyteller at Nimblechapps – The coolest game development company and iPhone application company.

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Tips For Beginners In Android Game Development

Android Game Development Guide

Android is the biggest market for any game development company. The Android Play Store is filled with numerous, many diversions that range from straightforward, as Flappy Bird, to mind boggling, similar to Dead Trigger 2. Here are some important tips for Android game development companies to remember while making an Android game.


1. The demand of the Android Market


As we all know, Android apps and games have a bigger market share than iOS, but iOS users purchase more. Messaging apps are widely popular, but premium games top the earnings. China, India, Brazil and Russia has emerging Android markets. They only problem is people do not spend much. As it is the biggest market, you need to understand the market. If you do not have an idea about what kind of game you want to make, you should go through current trends in the market. This will help you get all the important details about the type of games in the Android market. You will get the idea about th

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5 Tips For Successful Website Redesign

posted by nimblechapps on Jan 25, 2017
tags: Website Redesign Website Development

5 Tips for Successful Website Redesign

There are some things that need to be changed with the changing times and trends. A website is one of those things. It’s important for a website development company to keep their website updated with the latest tricks and trends. Here are some tips that will website design companies in redesigning a website:

1. Understanding your Target Audience

The aesthetic appeal of your website is crucial, but avoid choosing designs based on what looks and feels good to you because your company’s website isn’t for you. It’s for your target audience. If it doesn’t connect with the people who will be directed there, it won’t help you improve conversion rates. A poor understanding of your target market will turn your website from a money making an investment into a depreciating asset.Develop data-driven marketing personas and take your exploration of the market one step further. Find out what other sites your audience engages with or improve the flow and user experience of the ones th

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7 UX Web Design Tips That Need To Be Practiced More Often

7 UX Web Design Tips

A good user experience starts with a design and the right implementation of the plan. Website development companies have to imagine and create something that people will want to touch and engage with, time and time again. We list down the 7 major UX web design tips.

1. Personalization

Personalization is one of the biggest trends in web design right now. Users want their experiences to be just for them when they visit a website, to find information or shop online. offers shopping recommendations based on purchases and viewed items, Netflix offers suggestions for what movies or shows to watch next. Each of these small customizations makes each user feel like the UX is made just for them. It can help increase a website development company’s  user engagement and loyalty. This will make users happy to be part of a certain website community.

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5 Tips on How to Use your Website for Business Growth

Website for Business Growth

All business owners want their businesses to grow, and those goals can be achieved and your reach can be expanded with a professionally designed and developed website. Your first task is to decide what you want your site to do for your business. Having a website professionally designed and built will help clearly communicate to the world what your services and products are. If your website looks good and works well, it will increase your chances of converting visitors into leads and will make your business grow. Here are some tips for effective web design & development for website development company out there.

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5 iOS App Development Tips You Need to Consider in 2017

iOS App Development Tips

iOS as the leading mobile platform is widely prioritized by app developers worldwide. Thanks to the huge scope of a business conversion building iOS apps are truly rewarding. But in perfect conformity, it is equally challenging as well. iOS app developers besides following strict standards and guidelines also have to conform to the latest trends and industry practices to ensure competitiveness. Here we provide 6 important tips developers and iOS app development company needs to consider in 2017 and beyond.

1. Become part of the Apple Developer Program

Apple’s Developer Program which is known to offer global exposure to apps is a great way to reach users all over the globe. Besides offering reach to worldwide audience it helps to access all kinds of resources offered by Apple. By joining Apple’s Developer Programs iPhone application company can ensure advanced capabilities for their apps, can access highly sophisticated app analytics and several beta testing tools.


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5 Web Development Trends to Focus on in 2017

Web Development Trends

In the recent years, the use and importance of the web has been deep-rooted in our daily lives. We use it for everything, right from entertainment to ordering food to shopping to homework. The requirement for web development talent is as high as ever, and the scope of what developers can do is getting bigger day by day. We are presenting you with a list of web development trends that web application development company should focus on.

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7 iPhone App Development Tips you should Keep in Mind

With thousand of iPhone apps and iPhone app development company out there, it is quite a challenge to create an app that will not only be attractive and appreciated but also is useful for the users. An iPhone app development company knows about the struggles connected to such a process but also knows its rewards as well. Here are some tips for iPhone app development that you must never forget.

iPhone App Development Tips


A mobile app developer that wishes to make apps for iOS must subscribe to the Apple Developer Program right in the starting phase of application development because that will allow an iPhone app development company to get in touch with their customers who are in different parts of the world. In addition to this, it gives you access to many of Apple’s resources and support for building good apps. The benefits that can be derived from this membership includes advanced app capabilities, access to app analytics, and extensive beta testing tools.

See mo

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