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Why Brand Name is Important for Start- Ups?

A lot of companies are investing in branding strategies, as they feel that it will be helpful during crisis. Researchers found that even the economy crashes down, the brand can exist, with the consumer loyalty towards it. Consumers may or may not connect with the products, but they have relationship with the brands. Mobile apps development companies NYC also apply brand strategies to their apps to increase their user base in the app stores and in their targeted market. 

Name of the brand:

Name is the first thing people here when you introduce your company. It creates an image for the company in people’s mind and also creates an emotional connection with the consumers. 

Choosing the Domain Name:

It is the second most important thing we have to consider while choosing a brand name. Choosing the exact domain name helps for SEO process as people search for products or services in search engines the company offers. If you’re starting a mobile apps development company USA, your domain at

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Tier II and Tier III Cities - Future Of E-commerce Sector

posted by pranu on Jan 24, 2017

With exposure to satellite television, social media and internet, consumers in tier-2 or tier-3 cities are following the lifestyles of their counterparts in bigger metros. As a result, the line dividing the lifestyle between metros and tier-2 or tier-3 cities is getting shortened day by day. These changes made the e-commerce sector, as well as tech companies, especially Mobile app development companies New Jersey expand business to the small cities by considering the future growth.

Let’s see why small cities play a crucial role in the growth of e-commerce sector.

Change in Culture and People’s Perception:Educated youths and the advancement in the technology play a crucial role in changing the people’s perception. 

Growth of Internet Users:We are living in a multi device world, where people spend more time on phone or tablet rather than computer or television. 

Opportunities for New Start-ups:The giant e-commerce companies have fully captured the urban market without leaving space f

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Top Companies that are working on Driverless Cars

The recently held Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas mainly focused on the new technologies like driverless cars, 5G, and smart technology. It is expected this will form the major parts of the strategies of top tech firms’ this year.


German car manufacturing company Audi has collaborated with NVIDIA Technologies to develop Artificial Intelligence powered driverless cars by the end of 2020.


Google has announced that they are planning to stop the development of their self driving cars, and looking for partnership with known car manufactures who are already working on self-driving projects.



Bosch is equipment supplier for Google, BMW, and Tesla for producing automated driving cars. Now Bosch has announced about their self driving car by 2025. Bosch is a part of Automotive Research at Stanford, Silicon Valley Research Forum and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.


Tesla already has semi-automated cars, and announced about fully automate

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Why Your Small Business Should have Its own mobile application ?

Today the world is considered as the age of smart phones as today people are more interested to look at their smart phones rather than watching television. Due to this rise in mobile phones, mobile application is considered as the key marketing tool for any business.

Reaching More Customers:

Usage of mobile phones is increasing continuously in the current scenario, and people are using mobile applications to find right businesses on mobile app rather than through traditional browsers. This change in the customers pushed many businesses to start mobile application development.

Building Brand Value:

Through mobile apps development, the company name can reach the mass people where people areinteracting with your application, where actually branding starts. Branding is very important for any kind of business to have recognition in the market.

Give You Competitive Advantage

At present mobile application for the small and medium businesses is very rare. So you will be bit ahead if you

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What is Internet of Things and How Will It Impact the Current World?

The “Internet of Things” is becoming a growing topic in both workplace and beyond it, and it is creating new challenges while creating a plethora of opportunities for Mobile apps development company USA. But what is the exact meaning of “Internet of Things” and how it will impact your day to day life, how you live as well as how you work.

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Internet of Things is far bigger than anyone’s imagination IoT is the biggest technology trend among all other technology trends that are buzz currently. IoT is going to give us more opportunities as well as challenges in the next five years. IoT applications can control light, sensors and electrical and electronics applications. Mobile apps development companies NYCMobile app design companies USA are required to test IoT applications in real time. continue reading
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These are best ways ever considered to design a perfect app icon!

Your app icon is the first impression of your app. App icon can make your app instantly recognized or blatantly overlooked.Custom icon design can help you create a memorable first impression. You can take the help of icon (logo)designers, icon design companies, or best Mobile apps design companies USA who can also help you in designing app icon along with the app development. Or if you want to create icon by your own, you should think about some considerations which I’ve explained below. Following are some tips to design an eye-catching app icon-
  1. Use a unique shape and symbol which defines the app
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Don’t include words
  4. Use striking colors
  5. Be unique and creative
Conclusion The app icon always plays a crucial role in attracting the users. The attractive and pleasant app icon results in getting more downloads to your app.You should research to understand what type of icon will work best for you, and by keeping above points in mind you can create a beautiful a continue reading
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Best Tips to Create the Most Ideal Name for Your App

What’s in name? If you believe the thought “first impression is the last impression”, then you will understand the importance of name. Naming an app is not a simple task. As a Mobile app development company USAMobile apps development companies NYC or app owner, it is always a challenging task to name your app, as it is one of the important aspects of your app success. Here are some valuable tips on how to name a mobile application.
  1. Short, Simple and relevant title
  2. Pay full attention to the keywords
  3. Use easy to pronounce words in the name
  4. Check the apps which are already leading in that category
  5. Keep eye on the rules of app store
  6. Test the trend
If you have any doubt, there are many Mobile application development companies New Jersey which will help you create an ideal name for your app.Contact toget your doubts cleared.     continue reading
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What are the most in-demand programming languages in 2016?

Technology has increased drastically in the previous years. It can be observed that web development and mobile application development companies NYC and all over the world are increasing which has led to high competition and the software’s that are coming up in the market have become highly functional and of a higher quality.

1.       SQL 

2.       Java

3.       Python

4.       JavaScript

5.       C#

6.       iOS/Swift

So if you are willing to become a successful developer, it’s important to be well-versed in a number of programming languages and you should be always versatile and adaptable. Firstly by getting the basic knowledge of these languages and then continue to master one of the languages based on your comfort would help to grow your career. If you want any help regarding the mobile app development company USA, or want help in app development, you can visit continue reading
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Features of iOS 10 You Need to Know!

iOS 10 has been released on 13th September. This might be the best update for mobile app development companies USA and across the world to develop best apps

Who is iOS 10 for?

iOS 10 is for iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4th generation or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad Pro range and the 6th generation iPad touch or later. Users are automatically notified forthe upgrade.If not notified, you can do it manually by going to Settings > General > Software Update. iOS 10 size is in between 600 MB to 1.2 GB, it may differ depending on your device.

Mobile application development companies nyc

Things you can do with iOS 10 that you couldn’t before:

1) Remove some of the stock apps

2) Pick up your iPhone to see notifications

3) Be more expressive with emoji

4) Launch the camera faster than ever before

5) Use Siri with third-party apps

6) Turn read receipts on or off for each conversation

If you want to get more knowledge about iOS app development or want to develop mobile app for any p

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How to successfully promote a mobile app?

posted by pranu on Sep 29, 2016
tags: app promotion Mobile app developers NYC

Working in a Mobile apps development company USA is the best opportunity to understand the app development process.

There are a number of Mobile application development companies NYCMobile apps development company Atlanta and all over USA, but has every company got success for all the apps they developed?The answer is no. Lack of effective marketing may have been one of the main reasons. This is where app owners should deeply think about marketing. So I would like to suggest some of the ways that will help to do perfect marketing -

1.      Get in touch

2.      Reach out to Influencers

3.      Leverage your mobile website

4.      Feature the app in the official blog

5.      App Store Optimization

6.      SEO really matters here

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