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Free TypeScript Training Book

posted by projhonkey on Jan 18, 2017
tags: TypeScript Angular2

If you are looking for free typescript book to get masters in TypeScript. This book will help you to learn ES6 and TypeScript basic and advance topics like - Types, Statements, Functions, Classes, Interfaces, Generics, Modules and Decorators.

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Difference between Stored Procedure and Function in SQL Server

posted by projhonkey on Jan 11, 2017
tags: Sql server

In this post, you learn difference between stored procedure and function in SQL Server

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DB2 Connection Strings in Ado.Net

posted by projhonkey on Jan 02, 2017
tags: db2 database connection

Learn how to make DB2 Connection Strings in Ado.Net, connection strings to connect to the DB2 database using ODBC, OLEDB and .Net DataProvider.


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Angular.js training centre in noida

posted by projhonkey on Dec 09, 2016
tags: angularjs tutorial training centre

Join Angularjs classes in Noida to improve your web designing skills. These AngularJS Training classes based on real project development by experienced industry mentors.

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