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smoke particles will remain

posted by qizhen0809 on Nov 21, 2016

smoke particles will remain

smoking is harmful to health is everyone know the truth, and in indoor invisible in the fog, cigarette smoke also plays a very important role, is an important source of indoor air pollution.Research has shown that smoking in some indoor, derived from the tiny particles in the secondhand smoke about indoo volume accounted for about 90%.

Almost all the soot particle size is equal to or less than 2.5 micrometers, so from a cigarette sucked into particles, nearly 100% of all belong to PM2.5, spit out the smoke ring.And cigarette smoke particles will remain in clothing, walls, carpets, furniture and even skin and hair,

etc, was taken to the indoor and outdoor, activity or slightly airiness, these particles will rise back in the air, until be inhaled in the lungs.6, decorate material to attention for many people, decorating is a happiness and distress thing, not only should pay attention to design style,

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