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Innovation Road in the long floor

posted by qizhen0809 on Jul 29, 2016
Whether it is the latest creative floor or antique flooring, parquet flooring, etc., they belong to niche products or high-end products. Innovation is based on traditional floor floor on an issue, no matter what he looks like finally turned its manufacturing costs are far higher than traditional flooring. For the flooring industry, independent innovation, improve the technological content of products has been the main show floor enterprise's core competitiveness. Since the flooring industry homogeneity is very serious, so innovation is the only way for flooring companies, one to cater to different consumer needs of various consumer groups, and secondly, differences in management companies effectively avoid the severe price competition. Independent innovation of enterprises final product is reflected in the floor, so the floor appeared in the market a wide range of innovative products. Under the impact of emerging innovations floor, traditional floor Hold Hold live or not live? continue reading
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