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Opportunities in Android Development

Now days the mobile device market is increasing at an express speed. So, use this opportunities and learn Android Training to become a Mobile Application developer. According to IT sectors, need more developers for mobile application development.


Procedure to Becoming a Mobile Application Developer

As a Mobile Application developer used to create a mobile application development with the help of popular programming like, C, C++, Java.

The particular languages are naturally supports on what mobile platform and OS it is they are creating the apps for.



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Basics of Software testing

posted by ryanjoseph on May 15, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai


Basics of Software TestingSoftware Testing Training in Chennai


Testing is the method of estimating a system and its components with to find out that whether the process is satisfied the specified requirements or not.

Testing is mainly used to executing a system in order to find the errors or gaps in annoying to the authentic requirements.

Software Testing is basically the process of evaluation software’s to find the differences between giving input & expected output. And Testing is one of the processes it executes whether during the development process of software.


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Interview Question & Answers for Software Testing 2017

posted by ryanjoseph on May 11, 2017
tags: software testing

1. Explain bug life cycle.

• When a tester finds a bug, the bug is assigned NEW or OPEN with status.

• The bug is assigned to Development Project Managers who will analyze the bug. They will check whether it is a valid defect. If not valid, the bug is rejected, and its new status is REJECTED. Software Testing Training in Chennai

• Now, the tester checks whether the similar defect was raised earlier. If yes, the defect is assigned a status ‘DUPLICATE’

• Once the bug is fixed, the defect is assigned a status ‘FIXED’

• Next the tester will re-test the code. In case, the test case passes, the defect is CLOSED

• If test case fails again, the bug is RE-OPENED and assigned to the developer.

Software TestingInterview Questions & AnswersSoftware Testing Training in Chennai

2. What is elementary process?

Software applications are made up of several elementary processes. There are two types of elementary processes:

– Dynamic elementary Process: The dynamic elementary involves process of moving data from one location to another. Th

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Career Growth in Android

The market for the mobile device is rising at a rather fast pace. There are approximately 1.4 billion android devices in the entire world and android dominates the market of Smartphone with a global market share of 82%. In case you are thinking of becoming an Android developer, you are in great luck. To be a developer you need to get appropriate Android Training in Chennai wherein you would get familiar with every aspect of android developing right from the beginner’s level to the advanced level.

In case you aren’t quite sure about the reasons of why you should become an Android developer, here are a few of them.

Huge Demand

All the IT professionals possessing the skills of mobile development are in huge demand currently. The requirement for Android developers is even higher. The companies these days are hiring Android developers more than any other professionals in the mobile technology. For the aspiring Android developers, this is just the right time to enhance your skills and app

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The Ultimate Guide to Python

The Ultimate Guide to Python

Do you want to clearly understand the programming language? If yes, python training course can be the appropriate option to fulfill your desire. Python training course includes the basic and advanced level of Python like Hadoop streaming, MapReduce in Python, machine learning, and also practical work experience with Scikit and Scipy. If you are in Chennai, some well-known training centers are there to provide comprehensive and practical training of Python. Python Training in Chennai would be the best option for anyone hoping to get a job in this industry. Let us have a look at what does the training program include


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Know Why Python Is Good For Your Career

posted by ryanjoseph on Apr 27, 2017
tags: Python python course python training

The idea of creating Python emerged in the year 1989 when the creator Rossum had to face the shortcomings of ABC language. He started to develop a language which would have all the excellent features of ABC language as well as the newer wanted features. Thus Python was created. In today’s times, Python has several implementations which include Jython, IronPython and PyPy. Written in the native language, these implementations have the capability to interact with other modules by using modules.

Know Why Python Is Good For Your Career

Python is used in GUI based applications for desktop, business and enterprise applications, web applications and web frameworks, language development, operating systems and prototyping. One can opt for a Python Training in Chennai to know every detail about it and the ways to implement it. The combination of several features gives this language an edge over other languages. Listed below are a few of its benefits.



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Future Trends in Software Testing

posted by ryanjoseph on Apr 25, 2017
tags: Software Testing Training in Chennai

Over the last decade, there has been an overwhelming evolution of the industry of software testing which has led to the development of advanced software's. This vast scale of development hasn’t been possible just because of the developers but because of the testers too who continuously strive to polish their skills. The businesses too in today’s times need to be aware of the things what would be best in terms of security and performance. Newer technologies have caused this disruption making it rather challenging for the testers to overcome the new problems which are posed by these upcoming technologies. top-6-trends-software-testing-1

It, therefore, becomes essential to be aware of all each and every detail regarding software testing which can be achieved by opting for a Software Testing Training in Chennai. Listed below are a few emerging trends which might change the way we look at software testing.

Open Source Tools Are the Future

Open Source Tools would be seen in action a lot more as a lot of organization

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Why Software Testing is good for your Career Development

posted by ryanjoseph on Apr 17, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai

Suggested by the name, Software Testing refers to the process of testing a computer system, program or application. The main aim of this testing process is to determine if the given system is able to fulfil the specified requirements. Also it decides if the system is good enough to yield the desired outcomes. During the testing process, bugs or defects are determined in the entire software, system, application or the project. In fact, software testing is all the more important to offer a high-rate product that is free of any defects or bugs. Now one may wonder why software testing is a good option for career development. Well, it is owing to multiple reasons as given below.

Providing Quality Training from Experts


Development of multiple skills

By undergoing Software Testing Training in Chennai, you can develop multiple skills. These may include analytical skills, communication skills, time management skills and organization skills. All these are really important for any type of professional to be successful in the re

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Android Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers

posted by ryanjoseph on Apr 10, 2017
tags: Android ining in Chennai

1. What is Android?

Android is an open source operating system that is mainly used on mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones. Its operations are mainly based on the Linux kernel system which comprises of rich elements that enable developers to develop and run apps that are able to carry out both basic and advanced functions. 

2. What is a resource? A user defined JSON, XML, bitmap, or other file, injected into the application build process, which can later be loaded from code


3. What is Android Architecture? Android Architecture consists of 4 main elements

  • Linux Kernel
  • Android Framework
  • Android Applications
  • Libraries

4. What is ANR? ANR is the acronym for Application Not Responding. When an application is unresponsive for a long time, the dialogue shows up to let the user know about the situation. Android Training in Chennai


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Why Is Software Testing So Famous?

posted by ryanjoseph on Apr 04, 2017
tags: software testing training

The definition of the business has completely changed and improvised. Before, people used to crack the deals on the online platform and through theoretical way to get the driven outcomes. With the passage of time, these day applications have taken over and most of the business success relies on it. To run an impressive and effective application, it is essential that the software should be up to date and should be able to function in a smooth manner.

Why Is Software Testing So Famous

The Software is the key to application and these days consumers feel more convenient to trade and shop online to save their time and money simultaneously. Many major MNC’s are bending towards the latest trends in technology and they are spending a lot to get everything digitally. In fact, they have generated a special section in their organization and in this sector they appoint only those candidates who desperately look after everything about the software. This part especially, care about software testing, software improvement and Soft

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