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Benefits of Software Testing

posted by ryanjoseph on Feb 02, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai
Test Automation is basically utilizing code to make programs that perform computerized tests for your product. The way this is unique in relation to manual testing is, rather than really playing out the test, one makes a robotized testing situation and oversees it. Test computerization is widely utilized for relapse testing, which searches out new bugs in a program and isolates them. Relapse tests are by and large to a great degree repetitive and tedious. Here is the place robotized tests come in and make life simple for a product testing proficient. Aside from this code-driven testing sort, the other field for robotized testing is client environment recreation. Testing programming can be made to recreate regular client environment utilizing mechanized keystrokes and mouse clicks. The product GUI reaction is recorded and broke down according to the mechanized info. dial- 9962528293 (1) Software Testing is a process of identifying bugs or faults in your existing product before it is in the hand of continue reading
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Why Software Testing is Important

posted by ryanjoseph on Jan 26, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai

Testing is essential since software bugs could be costly or even hazardous. Software bugs can conceivably bring about money related and human loss, history is brimming with such cases.

Since we accept that our work may have mistaken, henceforth we as a whole need to check our own particular work. However a few mix-ups originate from terrible assumptions and blind sides, so we may commit similar errors when we check our own work as we made when we did it. So we may not see the flaws in what we have done.

In a perfect world, we ought to get another person to check our work in light of the fact that someone else will probably detect the flaws.

There are a few reasons which plainly explain to us as why Software Testing is vital and what are the real things that we ought to consider while testing of any item or application.



Want to learn Software Testing Training in Chennai, reach us Besant Technologies. Besant provides best Software Testing Training from real-time experts with pla

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Interview Questions & Answers for Software Testing

posted by ryanjoseph on Jan 23, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai

1. What’s the Software Testing?A set of activities conducted with the intent of finding errors in software.

2.  What is Ad Hoc Testing? A testing phase where the tester tries to 'break' the system by randomly trying the system's functionality.

3. What is Application Binary Interface (ABI)? A specification defining requirements for portability of applications in binary forms across different system platforms and environments.

4. What is the difference between verification and validation? Verification is a review without actually executing the process while validation is checking the product with actual execution. For instance, code review and syntax check is verification while actually running the product and checking the results is validation.

5. What is End-to-End testing ? Testing a complete application environment in a situation that mimics real-world use, such as interacting with a database, using network communications, or interacting with other hardware, applications, o

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Career with Selenium

Today testing has become an integral part of every project without performing testing no product can be released so there are huge opportunities available for testing so can you become successful tester by enrolling with Selenium Training in Chennai.

Selenium is an automation tool used for testing web application. The major components of selenium are Selenium Remote Control (RC) Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Web Driver, and selenium grid.

Software Testing Training

Why Selenium?

Selenium is an open source testing frame work it can be used without paying charges so it helps many companies by reducing testing cost and it free so everyone can use it

Selenium supports various browsers and operating systems

Selenium provides set of advanced tools which allows user to perform various operation like record, edit and debug test without much efforts in addition it allows editing test scripts manually


Selenium supports various programming languages like C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby and Pytho

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Small Info on Software Testing

Software has turned into an indispensable piece of our lives. Every day, we are utilizing Software projects in a few or the other frame. Beginning from our fundamental utility cell phones to PC frameworks, human life is intensely reliant on Software projects. For whatever length of time that new Software's continue hitting the market, the need of good engineers and analyzers would keep on soaring.

Software analyzers are the basic assets in IT Company and are by and large set at great positions. Programming testing is a standout amongst the most mainstream profession decisions in the IT segment. Given the tremendous significance of Software testing before the item is really discharged in the market, the request of gifted Software experts is developing like anything.


Manual Testing

Manual testing is the procedure of physically testing software for deformities. It requires an analyzer to assume the part of an end client and utilize above all else elements of the application to guaran

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Importance of Software Testing in Recent Years

Software Testing is vital that we as a whole commit errors. Some of those missteps are insignificant, yet some of them are costly or dangerous. We have to check everything and anything we deliver because things can simply turn out badly – people commit errors constantly.


Important of Software Testing

v  Software Testing is truly required to call attention to the imperfections and mistakes that were made amid the advancement stages.

v  It's basic since it ensures the Customer's dependability and their fulfillment in the application.

v  It is vital to guarantee the Quality of the item. Quality item conveyed to the clients helps in picking up their certainty.

v  Testing is vital with a specific end goal to give the offices to the clients like the conveyance of great item or programming application which requires bring down support cost and consequently comes about into more precise, predictable and dependable outcomes.

v  Testing is required for a powerful execution of programming

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Interview Questions & Answer for Software Testing

1. How much testing in enough?

 Ans: The answer based on the risk for your industry,contract and special requirements.

 2. What are semi-random test cases?

Ans: Semi-random test cases are nothing but when we perform random test cases and     do equivalence partitioning to those test cases, it removes redundant test cases,   thus giving us semi-random test cases.

3. What is black box testing? What are the different black box testing techniques?

Ans: Black box testing is the software testing method which is used to test the software      without knowing the internal structure of code or program. This testing is usually   done to check the functionality of an application. lvMeuqAlgEO5

4. A number of critical bugs are fixed in software. All the bugs are in one module,   related to reports. The test manager decides to do regression testing only on the reports module.

Ans: Regression testing should be done on other modules as well because fixing one    module may affect other modules


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Scope of Software Testing

What is software Testing?

Software testing is a procedure of executing a program or application with the goal of finding the product bugs.  It can likewise be expressed as the way validating and verifying that a software program or application or product. Software testing includes the execution of a product part or framework segment to assess at least one properties of interest.

Scope of Software Testers in India 

Testing has ended up masterpiece for a few application/product executions and business has understood the significance of organized testing of applications before discharge. So, the demand for the software testers will be increasing in the future. So it’s right-time to join Software Testing Training in Chennai.

Besant Technologies is the Top IT Training Institute in Chennai which provides best Software Testing Training from real-time trainers in low cost. Our Trainer’s having more than 10+ years’ experience and currently working in MNC’s. For student facility, our insti

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Important SEO Aspects

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is one of the first and important things in SEO. After complete your website design, you should do wide-ranging keyword analysis and research. Once identify the set of keywords you must optimize the best and exact keyword for your website. Put your target keyword in exact place of your website will helps you to increase site ranking. The target keyword should be relevant to your content. One important thing is don’t stuff your keyword to the website content because keyword stuffing is one of the black hat techniques. Stuffing more keyword to your website content may decrease the rank.

On Page SEO

On page SEO include several techniques like title tag optimization, meta tag optimization, alt tag, sitemap, robost.txt, keyword prominence, heading tag, internal linking, etc. These all onsite optimization techniques are done by website developer. After completion of onsite work you should concentrate on off page techniques.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is

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Top 15 Reason to learn Hadoop and R Programming

posted by ryanjoseph on Jan 03, 2017
tags: hadoop hadoop training hadoop course

In the event that you are pondering what your next, huge, vocation move ought to conceivably be, you ought to most likely give huge information Analytics a shot. On the off chance that you are a novice wanting to make a check in this field, you ought to unquestionably get prepared in R and Hadoop to kick begin your vocation. Perused on to know more about it. 

  • Huge openings for work Every organization has a continually expanding heap of information which just continues increasing each second. They contract qualified experts to keep up and monitor their information. 
  • Lucrative It offers a universe of chances, as well as guarantees staggeringly, fulfilling pay benefits. R and Hadoop specialists are ensured fat pay checks and differing parts. 
  • Simple to Learn-with a little premium and exertion, you can viably ace these innovations. 



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