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Important Reasons why Hadoop to form best Career Move

posted by ryanjoseph on Mar 23, 2017
tags: hadoop hadoop training bigdata

For the past two decades, dramatically the number of data has been increased. As per the experts, the simple reason behind increment of data is because of the internet. As per the studies, the volume of internet users has rapidly  as it used to be. Everybody loves to stay connected, want to shop online and explore the world through an online platform. Which seems to be a good thing and raise the flags for those who are looking forward to making their career in big data industry. But it is also a matter of fact that acquiring Hadoop Training in Chennai is essential in terms to understand all the aspects of big data and how to process it in a sophisticated manner.

Reasons why Hadoop is the best career move

You might be brainstorming that all sudden from where all this huge amount of data exists. Well, as we mentioned earlier the user’s of the internet has increased and if we look around, we can easily witness that every single person around the globe is equipped with the latest technology devices.


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Android Training in Chennai

Android play an important role in today’s era of technology. Get Android Training from leading training institute like Besant Technologies. which is the tio IT training institute in chennai, who's offers best android training from industries experts with best placement support. More details make a call us @ 9962504283.

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Scope of Hadoop in Bigdata Field

posted by ryanjoseph on Mar 22, 2017
tags: hadoop training in chennai

Hadoop is popularly used tool in the field of data analytics. Industries are in need of handling large amount of data and transform them in to valuable information in order to improve their business Big data is the emerging fields with more job opportunities Among various data handling tool Hadoop Training in Chennai  has highest demand in the market and it is estimated that hadoop industry would grow five more times than now in next few years. Hadoop is capable of handling peta bytes of data effectively when compared to other tools


 An articles in famous newspaper says that the “India will face a shortage of 2 lakh data scientist by 2018”.The field of big data involves extracting, storing, mining and analyzing the data involved in order to draw useful insight which helps to increase the business. Many companies have planned for outsourcing IT professionals with hadoop skills which confirms that there would be bright future for hadoop.


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Top 10 Interview Questions & Answers for Software Testing

posted by ryanjoseph on Mar 19, 2017
tags: software testing training

1. What is verification and validation?

Verification: process of evaluating work-products of a development phase to determine whether they meet the specified requirements for that phase.

Validation: process of evaluating software during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it specified requirements.

2. What is Mutation testing & when can it be done?

Mutation testing is a performed to find out the defect in the program. It is performed to find put bugs in specific module or component of the application. Mutation testing is based on two assumptions:

Competent programmer hypothesis: according this hypothesis we suppose that program write the correct code of the program.

Coupling effect: according to this effect collection of different set of test data can also find large and complex bugs.In this testing we insert few bugs into program to examine the optimal test inputs.


3. What is test driver and test stub?

- The Stub is called from the Software Testin

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5 Tools Everyone in the Software Testing Industry Should Be Using

posted by ryanjoseph on Mar 14, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai

It is a challenging task if you have to find out bugs in an application or a website. But there is a different way of dealing with this issue, and that is, Software Testers. Software Testers enables the use of the software testing tools which will be able to find out the bugs. According to the current situation, Software Testing Training might be necessary to become a successful tester. If you want to get acquainted with testing and you see your career in the field of testing, then you do not need to worry as there are many online training courses that are available for you.

Untitled design (17)

Software Testing tools in Software Testing:

To help ease the process of testing, the world is moving towards the domain of automated testing tools. Automation has replaced the traditional manual testing which would take up a lot of time in the process. Automating a testing process is considered to be one of the best innovations since it makes the testing process very efficient and adds value to a software build

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Software Testing Overview

posted by ryanjoseph on Mar 09, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai

Software Testing is detection of the software opposition requirements collected from users and system specification. Software Testing is managed at the top level in module level program code. One of the major roles in Software Testing is Validation and Verification.


Testing your work for perfect result



Validation is a process of estimating the software product, after validation process, to decide whether software fulfilled the client requirements or not.

The benchmark definition for validation is “you built it right”.


All types of testing functions are performed during validation process. Both validation and verification are relates to same concepts. But validation process includes such activity like, functional validation, system validation etc.



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Build your career with Software Testing

posted by ryanjoseph on Mar 01, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai


Software Testing is a process of evaluating the functionality of a software program. There are many types of software testing but the major two categories are dynamic testing and Static Testing. Build Your Career With Software Testing (1)


Dynamic Testing

Dynamic Testing is a kind of testing used for testing the software by executing it. It is also called as dynamic analysis. This technique is used to test the dynamic behavior of the code. In this type of testing the software must be compiled and executed, this analyses the variable quantities like memory usage, CPU usage, response time and overall performance of the software. Dynamic testing includes working with the software, input values are given and output values are checked with the required output. It is also a part of validation and verification.



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Top Interview Questions & Answers for Software Testing

posted by ryanjoseph on Feb 27, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai

1. What is Static Testing?

Ans: Static Testing involves in reviewing the documents to identify the defects in the early stages of SDLC.  

2. What is Verification in software testing?

Ans: Verification is the process, to ensure that whether we are building the product right i.e., to verify the requirements which we have and to verify whether we are developing the product accordingly or not. Activities involved here are Inspections, Reviews, Walk-through's.  

3. What is Grey Box Testing?

Ans: Grey box is the combination of both White Box and Black Box Testing. The tester who works on this type of testing needs to have access to design documents. This helps to create better test cases in this process. Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers (1)

4. What is Positive and Negative Testing?

Ans: Positive Testing: It is to determine what system supposed to do. It helps to check whether the application is justifying the requirements or not.   Negative Testing: It is to determine what system not supposed to do. It helps to find the

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7 Laws Anyone Working in Software Testing Should Know

posted by ryanjoseph on Feb 23, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai

There are laws and principles guiding any procedure in life. For anyone working on software testing, there are some basic principles that must be put in place before a meaningful achievement can be achieved. Software Testing Training in Chennai is highly recommended because through it a light will be shown which will guide towards a successful session of testing.


There is also a process of Software Testing Online Training through which you can learn the knotty gritty of the process. There are laws guiding software testing which you ought to know. We are going to consider seven of these laws. These seven are a must before you take the step into Software Testing.



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Benefits of Software Testing

posted by ryanjoseph on Feb 02, 2017
tags: software testing training in chennai
Test Automation is basically utilizing code to make programs that perform computerized tests for your product. The way this is unique in relation to manual testing is, rather than really playing out the test, one makes a robotized testing situation and oversees it. Test computerization is widely utilized for relapse testing, which searches out new bugs in a program and isolates them. Relapse tests are by and large to a great degree repetitive and tedious. Here is the place robotized tests come in and make life simple for a product testing proficient. Aside from this code-driven testing sort, the other field for robotized testing is client environment recreation. Testing programming can be made to recreate regular client environment utilizing mechanized keystrokes and mouse clicks. The product GUI reaction is recorded and broke down according to the mechanized info. dial- 9962528293 (1) Software Testing is a process of identifying bugs or faults in your existing product before it is in the hand of continue reading
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