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Cathay Dupont Award: Be a Sustainable Corporation and Create Shared Value

posted by susanmorgan88 on Jul 13, 2017
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“Sustainability” is a widely discussed topic among domestic and international corporations and is also a commitment that a company makes in its pursuit of corporate social responsibility (CSR). When Cathay FHC contemplated the word “sustainability”, Cathay Dupont Award initiated a process of self-reflection. Cathay's development started at the family level: one out of every two people in Taiwan is a Cathay FHC customer, and over 12 million clients have entrusted their precious assets to Cathay. The current state and scale of our group is a sign of approval by families in Taiwan. Apart from building a sustainable and outstanding enterprise that gives back to society and fosters stability, Cathay should strive to broaden our Asia market to becoming the top financial corporation in Asia.

In the past, the concept of CSR might have left the impression that corporations only need to manage issues such as charities and environmental protection. However, the underlying connotation of corpor

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Tokyo MK Taxi: A Luxury Car for Special Occasions

It has become a way of life for many people to have many things to celebrate and special occasions to attend to. There are anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, prom nights, guy’s night out and many other events we look forward to. These moments mark the amazing events of our life and the memories we take with on those special days. By adding a limo service to these special events will make the occasion a spectacular and charm of your event.  Tokyo MK Taxi is a global company providing chauffeur services across Japan, Korea and the United States. We have been providing professional and reliable taxi and chauffeur service for years and we take pride that our well-maintained vehicles operated by service oriented chauffeurs do strive to cater our every client’s transportation needs.


As a car servicing company working for many years, we proudly know everything there is to know about the luxury vehicle rental services industry. Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiast vehicles includ

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Tyre & Auto Southbourne Group Review - Benefits of Dedicated Car Servicing

The precision with which certain car servicing tasks are done requires certain skills and special equipment. Whether we are talking about wheel-balancing, electrical repairs, ignition timing and others, the ordinary individual stands to gain the benefits of having a professional car servicing company instead of going DIY.

Record-keeping is accomplished for you

Rare must be those people who keep their own dental records at home where they are of virtually no use, except perhaps for starting a family dental archive. So, a car’s maintenance and repair log can best be of value in the hands of a professional car service provider.


In the long run, having a regular car servicing company, such as Trye&Auto Southbourne, take care of your car results in a more efficient car as well as bring savings for the owner as it frees them from the laborious task and allows them to focus on other productive tasks. A car suffers obsolescence the moment it goes out of the showroom, just as we grow old

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Machine Learning and Big Data

 You’re sitting at home minding your own business when you get a call from your credit card’s fraud detection unit asking if you’ve just made a purchase at a department store in your city. It wasn’t you who bought expensive electronics using your credit card – in fact, it’s been in your pocket all afternoon. So how did the bank know to flag this single purchase as most likely fraudulent?

Traditionally, detecting fraud relied on data analysis techniques that required significant human involvement. An algorithm would flag suspicious cases to be closely reviewed ultimately by human investigators who may even have called the affected cardholders to ask if they’d actually made the charges. Nowadays the companies are dealing with a constant deluge of so many transactions that they need to rely on big data analytics for help. Emerging technologies such as machine learning and cloud computing are stepping up the detection game.

A machine learning algorithm for fraud detection needs to be tra

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Tech Companies Selling Protection Against IoT Cyber Attacks

TOKYO -- Hitachi and other companies here and abroad are marketing security systems that repel cyber attacks targeting interconnected industrial equipment, an increasingly attractive target for hackers due to their vulnerabilities.

Even so-called connected cars are vulnerable to attack. Israel's Karamba  Security recently began selling anti-hacking software for such vehicles in Japan. The program screens and blocks unauthorized access to connected cars, in which outside actors may take over the engine or the steering wheel.

Japanese automakers are moving to adopt this software. David Barzilai, executive chairman at Karamba, points out that lives will be at risk if security against cyber attacks on autos is not up to speed. Last year in the U.S., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was forced to announce a massive recall after the disclosure of a way to wirelessly hack and take over a Jeep.

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