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The 16-year-old talent may go to Real Madrd

Between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Vinishius finally chose Real Madrid, the White Legion will pay him for 45 million euros. Why choose Real Madrid refused to Barcelona? fifa coins zone Vinishius agent Pena gives his argument - because of love.

"Because Vinnyius is more passionate about Real Madrid," Pena said, "there are a lot of players who choose money, but he does not think so, when the negotiations, Real Madrid's posture is better."

"Barcelona had better economic treatment, but we had settled with Real Madrid at the time, and we did not want to raise the asking price again," Pena continued. fifacoinszone "If we did that, that's a bit hurt for the relationship. Think that Real Madrid is crazy, but there are a lot of teams for Vinny Hughes crazy, is not only Real Madrid willing to pay for his crazy offer.

Pena's argument, but did not get the Brazilian media recognition. Brazilian Global Sports pointed out that the reason why the choice of Real Madrid to abandon Barcelona, directly

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One act many indicate James’s leaving

Real Madrid fans can be said to be the most critical of the five league fans. Tonight's Bernabeu fans were clapped for the Colombians when they were replaced, günstige fifa coins playstation 4 but this was not a testimony to J Rowe's performance, but more like an applause to thank him for his contribution to Real Madrid in the past three seasons The Really suggest that James to leave it?

In fact, Zidane's campaign is not sent to the whole lineup, and the last time to send a semi-main lineup against Granada compared to the game, Qi Zu only rotation of the four people, James in the league for the first opportunity. However, cheapest fifa coins ps because the C Luo is also starting the game played, James no longer have unlimited power to open the shot side of the vitality of the cut, while Sevilla once in the midfield to suppress Real Madrid, so the whole game almost full of sleep.


The first 61 minutes, Zinedine Zidane made two substitutions to adjust, James and Mora tower was replac

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Barca lead the Real Madird!

266 times the Spanish national Derby, Barcelona away 3-2 win over Real Madrid. Messi 92 minutes of lore, most likely to change the 2016-17 season, the ownership of the Primera Liga Champion. After the campaign, more than a game of Barcelona jumped to the top, Real Madrid because of the disadvantages of each record ranked second.

National Derby before, Real Madrid 31 games 23 wins, 6 draws and 2 losses 75 points in the top, buy fifa 18 coins Barcelona 32 games 22 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses 72 points second place. For Barcelona, this is a must win the game, if the ball, more than one game Barcelona Barcelona scored six points in theory, once the Real Madrid win to lead to 9 points ahead of Barcelona, and each record dominant , La Liga champion suspense on the end of the end!

Away to fight the pressure of Barcelona, 3-2 Lectra Real Madrid, made a crucial 3 points. La Liga standings, Barcelona 33 games 23 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses to get 75 points, cheap fifa 18 coins Real Madrid 32 gam

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The semifinal of UFC

Atletico first game home 1-0 victory, fifa coin zone go to the road and Leicester 1-1 draw, the total score 2-1 out of the opponent four years into the semi-finals for the third time. Real Madrid first round at the Allianz Arena 2-1 win over Bayern, back to the Bernabeu home, although 90 minutes 1-2 lost to the opponent, the total score of 3-3 level into overtime. Real Madrid overtime with three goals reversed, the second round of the final 4-2 win, two rounds of the total score 6-3 Bayern in the semi-finals, Real Madrid for seven consecutive years into the semi-finals.

Last week in Turin 3-0 victory over Barcelona Juventus, went to the Nou Camp still strong performance, 0-0 draw opponents, fifacoinzone the final total score 3-0 out of Barcelona into the semi-finals. Dortmund last week suffered a bus attack after the home 2-3 lose, go to Monaco away 1-3 and then lose Monaco, two rounds were double play, the total score 3-6 out. Double play strong special strength into the semi-finals

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